IKEA VR Experience puts Vive Owners into a Virtual Real-World Size Kitchen

Ikea has just launched a pilot virtual reality app dubbed the Ikea VR Experience that puts Vive headset owners into a real-world size virtual Ikea kitchen.

The IKEA VR Experience – A first foray into VR

The app is built using Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4, and comes just as the first HTC Vive headsets start to ship.

The Ikea VR app is a free-to-play game on Steam for users with the HTC Vive headset, and comes with full support for motion controllers and the room-scale features. The virtual Ikea kitchen is supposedly similar to a kitchen in the company’s 2016 catalogue, and allows you to change the colour of drawers and cabinets with a click; shrink yourself to a 3.3 foot (100 cm) tall kid and move around the kitchen; and even enlarge yourself to a 6.4 feet (195 cm) tall human.

The five-minute experience gives users an idea of how things will look like in their own space, or even how different items will fit together. Ikea already offers customers multiple robust 3D planning tools to help design and visualise kitchens, wardrobes, and storage spaces down to the millimetre. So the Ikea VR Experience still has a long way to go.

Basically, the app is intended to solicit feedback as Ikea explores its next steps. Jesper Brodin, Range & Supply Manager at Ikea Group stated that virtual reality was growing fast and would soon become an integrated part of people’s lives. Jesper believes that VR will play a huge role in the future of the company’s customers, such as enabling consumers to try out a range of home furnishing solutions before buying them.

The Ikea VR Experience will be continuously updated until the end of the pilot test in August.

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