iCade Review – the iPad Arcade Machine

Ever dreamed of having your own arcade machine in your home? The ION iCade makes this a reality by converting your iPad into an arcade style cabinet complete with joystick and buttons. Roughly as high and wide as two iPads stacked horizontally, the iCade is the ideal size for sitting table-top gameplay and offers the ideal viewing angle for your iPad screen.

iCade Specifications

The specially designed cradle allows you to safely slot in your iPad, which remains securely in place during game-play and can be easily removed when finished. It connects wirelessly with your iPad via Bluetooth and allows you to play compatible games using the joystick and eight arcade style buttons. It comes flat packed so requires assembling, but it was very easy and shouldn’t pose a problem for anyone who has had to put together something from Ikea.


We found the arcade controls to be surprisingly responsive, and there was clamouring in our office to get a shot (the iCade is a perfect piece of nostalgia for men of a certain age). After pairing your iPad, you can initiate gaming whenever you want simply by tapping the joystick or other controls. Searching for a compatible games can be difficult as app developers have to make their games iCade compatible , and there isn’t a list on the manufacturers site of compatible apps. However, we were able to download and enjoy PacMan and Sonic; and it is possible to find other titles by searching for ‘iCade’ in the App Store.

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