How Does Apple Pencil Charge?

The Apple Pencil is characterised by a remarkable precision, lag-free performance (owing to the iPad Pro’s superior multitouch technology), and a somewhat timeless design. In addition, the Pencil boasts super-fast charging through the tablet’s Lightning port – a first for any iOS device.

The tablet’s rechargeable, non-replaceable, small 3.82 V, 0.329 Wh lithium-ion battery is claimed to gain 30 minutes of battery life after only 15 seconds of charging. When completely charged, the Pencil an give you about 12 hours of battery life, which is great considering that you are not likely to use it for more than half a day anyway. But how does Apple Pencil charge?

How Does Apple Pencil Charge?

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How Does Apple Pencil Charge?

The Apple Pencil does not come with a USB connector or a wall charger. Still, you can charge your device in two ways:

1. Using the Lightning connector

To quickly charge your device, simply plug it into the iPad Pro’s Lightning connector as follows: remove the cap from the Pencil and plug it into the tablet’s Lightning connector.

The ultra-fast charging feature means that your Pencil can go from 0% to 100% in as little as ten minutes or less.

2. With a USB Port

You need the Apple Pencil Charging Adaptor and a Lightning to USB cable. Now, plug the USB connector of the Lightning cable into a USB port on your AC adaptor, PC, USB car charger, or battery backup device. This option does not require the iPad Pro, though you won’t be able to tell the charge level of your device, plus it will take longer to reach 100% than when using the iPad Pro.

3. Using the Moxiware Pencil charging dock

Moxiware, makers of some awesome Apple products accessories, have a third option for charging your Pencil. Their $29.95 Pencil Charging Dock resembles a simple Pencil holder, but allows you to connect the Apple Lightning cable and charging adaptor that come with the Apple Pencil.

The dock gives simple instruction to setup your charging station, after which you can slide the Pencil into the dock and place the cap in a slot at the top of the dock to hold the Pencil in place as it charges.

So, how do you check how much charge you have left?

The Apple Pencil does not have a battery indicator. You have to pair it with your iPad Pro to check the battery level of attached devices. Here’s how to check the battery level of your Pencil:

  1. Pair your Apple Pencil to the iPad Pro: Turn on Bluetooth in your iPad Pro (Settings>Bluetooth>switch)
  2. Enable the iOS 9 battery widget on your iPad Pro: Swipe down from the top of the tablet’s screen to reveal the Notification Center; tap the Edit button on the left side of the screen; locate Batteries in the list of widgets and tap the “+” sign; and finish by placing the widget in your preferred order.
  3. With the battery widget enabled, it will display the current battery percentage of the iPad Pro, as well as any Bluetooth devices paired to it. The charge level of your Apple Pencil should appear here naturally

When you pair your Pencil to the iPad Pro, a pop up reading “Bluetooth Pairing Request” will appear asking if you want to pair the device with your iPad; tap ‘Pair’. Note that you will need to remove and re-plug the Pencil into the iPad Pro each time you turn off Bluetooth or turn off the tablet to pair the two.

How does the Apple Pencil compare to other Pencil stylus?

With less than 10 minutes of charge, your Apple Pencil will have 100 percent charge that you can use for 12 hours. This is quite impressive, but not as much as Fifty Three’s Pencil stylus that lasts for an incredible 90 days.

There are other factors to consider when comparing the two, but the fact that Apple’s Pencil uses meticulously engineered technology for superior precision and user experience makes it a worthwhile purchase.
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