Best GPS Dog Collar 2016 – Keep your Pooch Safe, nuzzle gps dog collar

Best GPS Dog Collar 2017 – Keep your Pooch Safe

A GPS dog collar saves pet owners lots of worry over their dog getting lost or stolen. While wearables such as Fitbit and Apple Watch are more popular with the human species, more and more companies are getting into the business of pet wearables, with a major focus on GPS collars.

GPS collars make it possible to track your dog if it is lost or stolen. While these collars started out with the sole aim of dog tracking, today’s brands have become quite sophisticated. Many dog GPS collars feature additional specs such as vaccination reminders, health sensors and built in speakers.

Types of GPS Dog Collar

There are two main types of dog trackers: radio and GPS. Radio trackers make use of radio waves to transmit the location of the pet within a limited range. Due to range limitations, radio trackers are not as common nowadays and are usually a favorite for owners of hunting dogs. In collars that use radio technology, it is combined with GPS tracking.

A need for increased range and tracking simplicity has led to the wide adoption of GPS trackers. There are three main types of GPS tracking technology.

  • GPS – This is the normal GPS technology that uses satellite signals to pinpoint the location of the pet.
  • A-GPS – This stands for Assisted GPS. It is a more powerful form of GPS that provides quicker locating capabilities, thanks to signal input from other network resources in addition to satellites. While traditional GPS typically takes 30 seconds (and up to 12 minutes in bad conditions) to lock in the pet’s location, A-GPS takes just a second and around 2 to 3 minutes in difficult conditions. The extra seconds can make a big difference if your pet is in danger.
  • WAAS-GPS – This is an abbreviation for Wide Area Augmentation System GPS, a technology developed by the military to increase accuracy, reliability and precision of traditional GPS. You can learn more about its advanced technology from the Federal Aviation Administration website. Dog collars equipped with WAAS-GPS tend to be quite expensive.

Importance of Dog Trackers

An earlier study showed that 93% of dogs lost found their way back to their owners. 15% of these recoveries were due to the presence of microchips, identification tags or trackers (Source).  That is quite a big proportion, showing that using a GPS tracker greatly increases the safety of your dog.

If you have yet to use a dog tracker, here are 10 top GPS dog collars that you might find useful for you and your pet. We have included a range of collars, from the budget ones to the priciest ones featuring advanced technology and multiple features.

If you have used, or currently use, any of these tracking collars we would be glad to know how it is working out for you. Leave your comment below.

1. KYON Pet Tracker

Kyon gps dog collarKYON is a stylish ultra thin and light dog tracker that is often billed as the Fitbit for dogs. The collar uses 3D GPS tracking to pinpoint the exact location of your pet at any time. The 3D aspect is important because it allows the tracker to tell you even the floor your pet is on.

In addition, a safety range of around 300 feet can be set up. If your pet goes beyond that range, GPS tracking is automatically enabled, alerting you via your Smartphone of the location of the dog. KYON’s GPS coverage covers almost every country, ensuring that your dog stays safe even when you are travelling. The thin and lightweight collar can be used on any dog.

The tracker does not stop at tracking. Using proprietary KYON Sense Technology, the collar can communicate the dog’s moods and needs. You can tell when the pet is sleepy, eager to go for a walk or unwell.

Another feature acts like a pacifier, emitting an ultrasound pacifying sound from the collar to stop your dog from barking. This comes in handy when guests are around or when the dog will not stop howling at the moon. A heat sensor on the collar can detect when the pet is too cold or too warm and notify the owner.

The collar has a 30-day battery life, the longest of any GPS tracker we have come across so far.

The KYON Pet Tracker works with the The KYON App. The manufacturer is accepting preorders for $249. Note that the tracker requires you to have a mobile data plan. | See alternatives on Amazon

2. DogTelligent

Like KYON, DogTelligent comes packed with a bevy of features in addition to the basic GPS tracking capability. Using the companion app, you can track the dog’s location with high precision.

If your pooch has a tendency to keep wandering off, this collar has some handy safety and training features. A virtual fence and leash keeps the dog from wandering off its safety range and notifies you instantly if it does.

If the dog is barking excessively, an ultrasonic sound is emitted to discourage it. You can also use these ultrasonic sounds and vibrations to train your dog on various techniques such as stay, sit and roll.

One of the most impressive features of the DogTelligent GPS dog collar is the inbuilt speakers and microphone system. You can speak to your dog from anywhere and hear its sounds.

Health sensors on the collar track the dog’s vitals, which helps the owner keep up with the pet’s health and wellbeing. You can tell when it is sleeping, running or excessively hot or cold.

The collar itself is water resistant and hardy, meaning it will not get damaged if the dog plays in the water or tussles around on the ground. It has a one to two week battery life. | See alternatives on Amazon

3. RoamEO

RoamEO gps for dogsRoamEO uses two tracking technologies to give you as much coverage as possible. It uses WAAS-GPS and radio tracking. In a normal situation where there is good coverage, WAAS-GPS will be used to provide accurate location of up to two pets.

For those who own hunting dogs, the radio technology comes in handy. When the GPS signal cannot be transmitted to your phone, the GPS signal is transmitted as radio waves to a handheld receiver that comes together with the collar. This is helpful in remote areas with poor or no cellular coverage.

The GPS dog collar itself is a bit heavy, with the radio transmitter adding to the weight. It might therefore not be very ideal for small dogs. Another downside is that it does not set up a virtual fence, hence you cannot keep the pet within a specific range.

When the collar is in continuous use, the battery life is around 24 hours. The radio transmitter has a range of 1 to 2 miles. This can shrink when you are in a hilly area.

You can get the entire package for $154 and if you need a second collar, you pay an additional $129. | See GPS dog collars on Amazon

4. Garmin Alpha 100

Garmin Alpha 100Garmin sells a number of dog products primarily for training purposes. The Alpha 100 is made specifically for tracking although it can also be used in training. The GPS dog collar works with a handheld radio receiver rather than a Smartphone.

You can track up to 20 dogs within a range of 9 miles. The color touch screen provides you with all the stats you need to know including the state of the dog (moving or motionless), distance travelled, average speed and how far it is from your location. To keep the dogs safe, you can set up a virtual boundary. The handheld device will alert you immediately if the dog breaches this boundary.

At $799.99, the Garmin Alpha 100 is quite pricey. To be fair, it is not targeted at the average dog owner. It is a tracking and training system for professional and amateur dog trainers. | See alternatives on Amazon

5. Loc8tor GPS Tracker

Loc8tor GPS Tracker for dogsLoc8tor GPS Tracker is a device that can be fitted onto any dog’s collar. The GPS allows you to track and locate your dog with high precision whether you are outdoors or inside the house. The GPS dog collar can locate the dog to within 5 meters of its exact location. As long as you are connected to the internet, whether on your phone, tablet or computer, you can map your dog’s movement and location even when you are travelling abroad.

To keep the dog safe, set up a virtual safety zone. You will be notified if the dog wanders off beyond this zone.

With no monthly charges and a long battery life of 7 to 10 days, this is one of the best GPS trackers for the average pet owner. It may not have all the extra features of the KYON or DogTelligent Trackers, but it does its tracking job well enough. | See dog trackers on Amazon

6. PetPace

petpace dog gpsPetPace is a stylish dog collar (can also be used on cats) featuring a comfortable woven fabric design. It uses GPS tracking to keep you aware of your dog’s location at all times and from anywhere.

It also incorporates health tracking, using sensors to measure things like heart rate, respiration and body temperature. If something is not right, the accompanying app will notify you and recommend that you contact your vet for early treatment.

In regards to fitness, you can check the level of activity of your pet, monitor the number of calories burned and check the posture of the dog. You can tell when the dog is not feeling well or is in pain.

While the PetPace GPS dog collar will track your dog well enough, it seems to be primarily geared towards health monitoring. It is especially beneficial for use with vulnerable pets such as elderly dogs. You can get the collar for $149.95 with a $14.95 monthly plan. | See GPS dog trackers on Amazon

7. Gibi Pet Locator

gibi gps dog finder, seekerGibi is a straightforward pet monitor that easily attaches to your dog’s collar. For a unique look, you can get the device to be made with a custom decal on the front. When you attach the device to the dog’s collar, you can set up a safety space zone to keep your dog in range. The GPS tracker constantly monitors your dog’s location and alerts you via text and email when it goes out of the set safety zone.

If you want to find out your dog’s location, simply launch the accompanying app. The location will be immediately pinpointed on Google Maps.

The GPS dog collar itself is secure, ensuring it will never come off even when the dog is running or playing. It is also waterproof and tough enough to withstand any rough and tumble. Get the tracker on Amazon for $129.99. | Buy on Amazon

8. WÜF

WÜF smart dog collarThis connected collar is still in the pipeline hence only available on pre-order. From the information released by the manufacturer, WÜF provides reliable tracking for dogs with the inbuilt GPS and GSM modules.

The GPS dog collar, expected to start shipping later in 2016, comes with a Smartphone app that adds to the function of the collar.
In addition to tracking, the collar will also include activity tracking, a virtual leash to prevent the dog from wandering off and 2-way audio capability.

Right now, you can order the WUF collar in one of three different styles. For families with 3 or 4 dogs, special prices and discounts are available. | See alternatives on Amazon

9. Buddy

The aptly named smart collar features real time GPS tracking and colored LEDs to keep your dog visible from both close and far. The collar is available in three sizes depending on how large your dog is; small, medium and large.

The most notable part of the Buddy collar is the multi-colored LED lighting designed to keep the dog highly visible at night. Not only does this make it easier for the owner to find it, it also keeps it safe from motorists.

The GPS tracking technology tells you where the pooch is in real-time and can be paired with geo-fencing (virtual boundary) for maximum safety. Using the app, you can also set reminders for vaccinations and pet appointments as well as view your dog’s activity trends.

The collar is available on pre-order. | See GPS dog collars on Amazon

10. Nuzzle

You can get Nuzzle either as an attachment for use with your existing collar or as a full collar. The device will track your pet’s location 24/7. Using the app, you can also set up a safety range. If the dog goes beyond the set boundary, you get an alert.
In addition to tracking, Nuzzle offers activity monitoring, temperature monitoring and impact detection. It is waterproof, so no need to worry if your dog loves playing with the water. The LED lighting on it makes it highly visible at night.

The collar is available for pre-order at $169 and is expected to ship toward the end of 2016. |See alternatives on Amazon

Wrap Up

This is about it, the best GPS trackers for dogs! Do you use a GPS dog collar to track your dog? How beneficial has it been for you and your pet? Leave your comment below.

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