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Google Event: Everything We Know So Far

Google has announced an array of new products at there Pixel Event yesterday with a running theme to make things easy and seamless. So with that in mind, we thought we’d do the same for you. Here is all you need to know about the event and the company’s newest products.


Google’s new phone dumps the Nexus name and is now Google Pixel. They have described it as “the first phone built by Google inside and out”. New software, Android 7 or Nougat is controlled by Google as well as the hardware, just like Apple. It is also the first mobile to host Google Assistant, which is forecast to exist on all of Google’s devices eventually.

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Pre-orders began yesterday, 4th October, in the US, UK, Australia, Germany and Canada. However, orders will not be shipped or be available in store until the 20th of October.


In our opinion, we think they have a striking resemblance to the iPhone 6, although the Pixel does have a rear mounted finger print scanner, popular with various Android handsets. Colour options are blue, black or silver (essentially, white).

The Pixel and Pixel XL, larger handset, both have USB-C charging port and 4GB of RAM. The camera will be 12MP on the back and 8MP on the front.

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In terms of storage, you can choose from 32GB or 128GB, however Google may have a slight edge over other tech giants like Samsung and Apple as they are offering buyers free unlimited storage in their Google Photos App for photos and video. You’ll be glad to know, Google haven’t ditched the 3.5mm jack, unlike Apple who shattered the lives of many with the removal of it in early September.


Time for the price, the part we’re all interested in. For the Pixel prices come in at £599 and for the Pixel XL, £719 upfront cost. At this price point, Google are coming close behind Apple. In terms of contracts, it looks like for the moment, EE are the only UK network offering them. I’m sure this will soon change though with most of the major UK networks taking a slice of the action soon enough.


Up next we have Google Home, the new competitor to Amazon Echo. Google hinted at this earlier this year and have now confirmed its place in the Google family, on sale now and due to be shipped on 4th November. The main feature of Google Home is Google Assistant. It is the next generation of what we know as Google Now. Hopefully it is an improvement upon the Google Allo which didn’t quite meet the expectations of some. When it understood the command, perfect! When it didn’t, total meltdown.



The cost of Google Home will be $129 (£101). With this, comes a free 6 month trial of YouTube Red.


Google Home consists of a wireless speaker with microphones which pick up your voice commands. The device itself, has a mute button and then four LED lights to show that it’s listening to you. You find any other physical buttons other than that. Google Home is clearly something that Google want you to be happy about sitting in your living room. It is no eye-soar as it comes in seven stylish colours that will blend in nicely with any living area.


It will also give you a morning update called “My Day”, where you’ll be given latest weather forecasts, commute conditions and your daily schedule, if you put it on there of course.

However impressive this new device is, its no secret that Google are a little late to the party with smart home devices. Amazon with it’s Echo devices, have already captured most of the early adopters in the market.


Yes! Google are now in the VR game. The $79 VR headset is a bit different from the usual headsets from the likes of Oculus or HTC as it has a fabric exterior. My guess is that Google are trying to incorporate VR comfortably into households.

Seeing a VR headset for the first time, never mind actually putting it on your head, can be quite daunting/confusing. They are usually very bulky, heavy and let’s face it, uncomfortable. Although I’ve not tried the Google Daydream View, by the looks of it, it could be quite comfy and lightweight making it less daunting. Other headsets are a bit of an eye-soar, but Google’s version is definitely not. Funnily enough though, the Chinese tech giant, Xiaomi have developed a similarly comfortable headset. Watch out Google!

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Unlike the Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream connects wirelessly to the phone making it much more minimal and hassle free. Also decreasing the weight of the device whilst it’s on your face – relating back to the comfort aspect. The device is set to be available from November this year


And last but by no means least, the new and improved Chromecast Ultra. Now with 4K, you will be able to stream some of your favourite shows from YouTube and Netflix with amazing quality and at high speed. Chromecast Ultra is 1.8 times faster than the first, thanks to increased WiFi connectivity. And, for those who’s WiFi may not be strong enough to support 4K, Google are including an Ethernet port on the power adapter, yay!


So that’s your whack! Some expected and some surprising revelations from the Google Pixel Event, but overall we are happy with the new products the company has thrust upon us! I can’t wait to get my hands on some Google VR! FYI, we will be running a Facebook competition very soon in light of get Google event, so make sure you head over there for a chance to win and check out the page (it’s awesome, obvs).

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