Google Introduces VR View tool for Webmasters to embed 360-degree Content

Google has introduced a VR View tool that will allow developers to embed 360-degree videos and images in their apps or websites by adding a few lines of code.

Google intends to make 360-degree content more available and accessible for different industries, whether it is a real-estate agent giving potential buyers a view inside their dream home or a travel agency showing off holiday destinations

How the Google VR View tool works

The tool takes 360 VR pictures and videos and transforms them into interactive experiences that users can easily view on their mobile device, with a Cardboard viewer, or on their PC.

Native app users can embed a VR view through the latest Cardboard SDK for Android or iOS and a bit of coding. To add VR view on the web, you won’t need the SDK; simply add an iframe on your website. Since the HTML and JavaScript has been open-sourced, web developers can self-host and tweak it to match their needs. (Google introduced its Cardboard SDK to iOS so developers can create VR content for Apple’s mobile devices)

Google’s VR View tool will definitely make it fast and easy for webmasters to share a story and build immersive and engaging visual experiences that users will enjoy.

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