Next Version Of Google Glass to Look Like A Monocle

Google Glass may have failed to put up the market performance we expected, but that didn’t cripple Google’s endless fight for a place in the Virtual Reality space. According to reports, the search engine giant has been granted patent rights for an upcoming second version of Glass resembles a monocle.

The AR viewer, which has been dubbed Google Monocle, rests on a single ear and is held in place with the muscles around the eye. This doesn’t mean the device brings imagery to only one eye, though, because, according to TechCrunch, a prism can be used to make graphics and images viewable in the other eye.

Acids tests on the prototype suggest little difference in functionality between this device and Glass. Just like Glass, Monocle can connect to the internet and overlay images over what you can see with your non-computer eyes.

The bad news is that even with the patent, Google have not announced any plans to manufacture the Monocle, and, according to CNET, might even never get to produce the device.

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