Google Camera app Reported to leverage Google Goggles Technology for AR Support

Google may reportedly bring augmented reality to the Google camera app by leveraging technology from its Google Goggles, allowing users to view relevant results like transit information, nearby facilities, and recommended retailers to buy items.

Integrating Google Goggles Functionality into the Google camera app

Information given to Android Authority via an anonymous source stated that the integration will include a new feature that allows users to outline certain areas of an image when targeting their searches. This will be a significant improvement on Google Goggles that only allow the user to search the whole image.

Google Goggles was launched in 2009 as an app for visual search technology, but the company stopped updating it after a few years, causing it to fall by the wayside. But if the rumour is true, Google is looking to merge it directly with its camera so it becomes a standard feature in all phones, as opposed to a standalone app, which will further boost mobile search usage.

There’re are other reports suggesting that this technology has also been tested in wearable computing devices, which could indicate that the technology will soon become available in products like Google Glass, and VR (or AR) headsets.

It is possible that with the rumoured Google Keyboard, the tech giant is looking for more seamless ways to get users to search without having to open up other apps. With Google Search being their primary business, it is not unusual that they would try to somehow tie in their other products. In other words, everything that you could need to perform a very specific search will be built into tools that you’re accustomed to using.

Downloads: Google Goggles for Android

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