Best Smart Golf Gadgets 2016 – GPS Watches and more

Best Smart Golf Gadgets 2017 – GPS Watches and more

Golf gadgets may remind you of the basic golf equipment such as clubs and balls. But in this day and age, it more aptly refers to a range of high tech and smart devices designed to improve your golfing skills or just make the game more fun.

The smart age is here and there is no avoiding it even out on the green. With a range of smart golf gadgets designed for both professional and amateur golfers, your swing is about to get smarter and better.

Below, we highlight notable smart gadgets made for golfers. They range from smart GPS watches to swing analyzers. If we have left out any that you think should be included, feel free to mention it in the comments below.

1. Segway X2 Golf

segway x2 smart golf gadgetsWe are going to start off with one of the priciest golf gadgets on this list, the Segway X2 Golf, which can be yours for almost $6,000. What does it bring to the turf for that price? For one, you will be a head or two taller than everyone else. The Segway X2 Golf gives you extra height for a better vantage of the course.

With a max speed of 12.5 mph, it is also a faster and definitely cooler way to get around the greens. No more wasting your precious golf time in a snail-pace caddy. The Segway X2 is powered by two powerful lithium-ion battery packs. This gives it a range of up to 14 miles or around 36 holes.

Special low-pressure tires are gentle on the turf, making the X2 more golf friendly than the traditional caddy.
For full convenience, the X2 is equipped with a golf bag carrier, to which your loaded golf bag easily attaches and dismounts. There is also a scorecard holder to keep your tees, golf balls and score card within arm’s reach.

Other smart technologies included include LeanSteer technology for perfect balancing and wireless InfoKey controller for more security and control of your Segway.

A quick look online seems to indicate that this super cool ride is only available in New Zealand and Australia. If you want one in the US, you may have to find a Segway dealer stocking this particular model.

2. Bushnell Tour X Rangefinder

Bushnell Tour X RangefinderBushnell calls the Tour X the most advanced laser rangefinder for the golf course. Though this may be a bit of an exaggeration, it is true that the Tour X has more than a few awesome features. If you want to improve your game and specifically your aim, this are must-have golf gadgets.

Equipped with powerful 6X magnification, the rangefinder furnishes you with details such as distance (yardage) and angles to your next hole. The magnification takes you as far out as 1,300 yards and as close as 5 yards with a tight accuracy range of 0.5 yards. JOLT Technology, built into the rangefinder, will alert you the moment you have successfully locked onto a flag.

The Tour X comes with red and black front plates. The red plate gives you information on elevation (slope) to the flag. Since this is not legal in official tournaments, the rangefinder can be easily switched to the accepted black lens, which provides line distance and angles.

For amateur golfers still new to the game, here is a link to more information on how different golf rangefinders work.

At $415 on Amazon, the Bushnell Tour X Rangefinder is certainly not cheap, but it more than adequately justifies its high price tag. | Buy on Amazon

3. GolfBuddy Voice GPS

With almost 2,000 Amazon reviews, this is one of the most popular golf gadgets. It essentially does the same work as laser rangefinders, though with fewer functionalities. The small matchbox-sized device uses GPS to calculate distance to the pin. It comes preloaded with more than thirty five thousand courses from all over the world. This makes it easy to get audio distance information to the front, center or back of the course at the press of a button. You can also get accurate distances of your shots.

One major advantage of the GolfBuddy Voice GPS over more expensive laser rangefinders (other than the lower pricing) is the compact size. You do not have to keep lugging around huge golf gadgets and dragging it out of its bag every time you want to measure distance. Additionally, it is just as accurate as other more advanced rangefinders.

If English is not your language, there are 7 other spoken languages to choose from. On a full charge, the device lasts for two 18-hole rounds.

If the laser rangefinder is too big or expensive for you, the GolfBuddy Voice GPS is certainly something you should try. It will help you improve your shots and have more fun with your rounds. | Buy on Amazon

4. Zepp Golf 2

Zepp Golf 2 golf gadgetsZepp Golf is a smart virtual training coach loaded with plenty of features to help you improve your grip, swing, aim, angles and overall game. The main part comes in the form of a small wireless sensor that you attach to your glove. It connects to your Smartphone through Bluetooth, where it operates through a companion app.

Once powered on, all you need to do is make a few swings and the program is able to analyze your swings, detect problem areas and create bespoke coaching lessons just for you. With its 3D swing analysis, Zepp can measure club speed, plane tempo, backswing length, hip rotation and backswing position among other aspects of your swing.

It evaluates these measurements in real time and provides instant feedback. The Smart Coach program takes things to another level by recommending personalized video training lessons from tour instructors and pro golfers. Using 3D analysis, you will be able to track your progress and determine whether you are making any improvements in your game.

The battery takes 1.5 hours to take on a complete charge and lasts 8 hours under continuous use. It is compatible with Apple devices equipped with iOS 8 and above and Android devices with Android 5 and above.

Zepp is for any golfer, pro or hobbyist, looking to train better and improve their game. You can find out more about its features and pricing on Zepp’s website. | Buy on Amazon

5. Radar Golf System

This will not help you get better at your game but it will definitely solve the frustration of repeatedly losing your balls. There is only one drawback; it has to be used with balls from Radar Golf, the same company selling the device. This is because the system uses an RFID chip inside the balls to locate them.

As you will note when looking through reviews online, this is not a perfect ball finding system. For one, you have to be aware of the general position where your ball landed. The Radar system works within 10 to 40 feet and not the 100 that is advertised, hence the need to be aware of where your ball is. Secondly, the device could pick up false readings from metal objects nearby, causing some confusion.

All in all, these golf gadgets work as expected most of the time. They may have their fail moments but at least they are better than the camera-equipped Ballfinder Scout that does not work at all despite costing a pricey $150.

If your usual course includes a lot of rough areas and bushes, the Radar Golf System will come in handy.

See smart golf gadgets on Amazon

6. Night Sports Light-up Golf Ball

Who says the game ends when the sun goes down? With the Night Sports Light-up Golf Ball, you can keep playing well into the night. This is a regulation golf ball with added technology to allow use at night. It comes with all the professional golf ball specs including control, accuracy, aerodynamics and quality. Everything, even the size and weight, is similar to a regulation ball.

Its illumination is aided by LED technology installed within the ball. The light activates as soon as you hit the ball and stays on for 8 minutes to ensure that you can see where the ball has landed. It also comes with patented afterglow technology for continuous visibility.

Whether you want a quick before-bed game in your backyard or maybe your idea of a weekend party is a round at the course at night, make this a must-buy. A single ball is currently available for $9.99. You can buy a 3-pack for $19.99 and if you are a regular night golfer, there is a 100-pack for $300. | Buy on Amazon

7. PIQ Golf Wearable (with Mobitee Golf app)

There are plenty of virtual golf trainers available with boatloads of sensors for swing analytics. PIQ is one of the most advanced trainers. The sensor package is worn on the back of your gloved hand, allowing the sensors to pick up on your various movements and positions.

PIQ comes with an inbuilt rangefinder that automatically detects your course and displays yardages from hole to hole. You can view the distance readings on a sun-friendly LED screen. Using the sensors, the accompanying app can track and analyze your tempo, swing path and club speed. You can view your score with each swing and see it rise as you keep practicing and getting better.

In addition, the device tracks and records your shots using GPS. This gives you a nice overview of your game.

All the information and analysis is available on the wirelessly connected mobile app, Mobitee. Here you can view your progress and makes available thousands of golfing courses.

PIQ is available for $269. | Buy on Amazon

8. Stewart Golf X9 Follow Electric Trolley

The Segway X2 Golf up at the start of our list was impressive. But even more impressive is the Stewart Golf X9 Follow Electric Trolley. This electric golfing trolley follows you around the course, carrying all your equipment for you.

The package includes the trolley itself and an accompanying handset. The two are connected via Bluetooth, to allow quick and reliable transmission of signals. To use the trolley, simply power up both devices and they will pair up automatically and remain connected throughout the round.

Using the handset, you can steer the trolley right or left, speed it up or bring it to a gentle halt. You can also set a cruise control speed to have the trolley glide along you at a similar speed. It even knows to apply brakes as it goes downhill, so no need to worry about it crushing into someone as it rolls away from you. An added stabilizer keeps the trolley from wobbling over especially over uneven ground.

If you love walking from hole to hole, rather than riding a caddy or Segway, this is perfect for you. Just strap your gear onto it, set the speed and watch it follow you around faithfully. | Buy on Amazon

9. Garmin Approach S6 Golf Watch

Garmin Approach S6 Golf WatchGarmin has for years led the GPS wearables market. The company has a range of wearables, most of them focused toward outdoor adventurers and sports enthusiasts. The Approach S6 is designed specifically for golfers.

The watch combines swing metrics and analysis with a GPS rangefinder to provide an all round smart golfing experience. It comes preloaded with more than forty thousand golf course maps from around the world. You can quickly access various details such as pin distance and position of hazards and traps.

The PinPointer helps you know where to hit even when you cannot see the pin. It pinpoints the flag’s position and guides you in lining up your shot.

For the swing metrics, it analyzes your swing mechanics including tempo and strength to give you an idea of how good you are doing. It then guides you in training for the perfect swing.

The watch itself features a full color touch screen with a high-resolution display for easy viewing even in the sun’s glare. It also keeps you connected to the world by alerting you to Smartphone notifications such as alerts, texts and emails. It connects to your iPad or iPhone (4S and above) wirelessly via Bluetooth. | Buy on Amazon

Smart Golf Gadgets – Swing Smart

You can never be a perfect golfer; it is a never-ending journey filled with continuous learning and development. Smart golf gadgets are there to help ease and quicken the development while injecting more fun into the game. Though most of them are quite pricey, they can make a significant difference in your game play.

We would love to hear if you are already using smart golf gadgets in the comments. If you are not already onboard the smart age, which gadget do you think will be your first?

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