Fossil’s Q Motion to Track Sleep and Activity like Misfit Wearables

Fossil has recently announced its first wearable of the year since purchasing Misfit: the Q motion, which is able to track sleep and activity.

How is the Q Motion different from other Fossil’s wearables?

Fossil’s current wearables are all unique in some way: the Q Founder is a smartwatch, the Q Grant a non-display watch, and the Q Reveler a tracker. Now, the Q Motion comes with a unique set of features that are not in the other wearables, including the option to monitor how much sleep you get.

The Q Motion is also the company’s first device since it purchased Misfit – makes both home devices and fitness wearables. Most of the wearables released by Misfit had the option to track sleep, and while the Q Motion is definitely a part of Fossil’s line, it is obvious that Misfit influenced the fashion company when developing the features for this device.

The Q Motion’s design is very similar to that of Misfit’s latest device, the Misfit Ray. Both devices are minimalist yet stylish bracelets, with a slim, cylinder module at the centre. Both devices can track sleep and activity, and come with small LEDS and vibration motors that go off when you receive notifications on your smartphone.

There are a few differences between the two, as well. First, the Ray only receives call, text, and alarm alerts, while the Q Motion can filter notifications via its iOS and Android app like other Q Wearables.

Second, the Q Motion features ‘Smart Tap’ technology, which allows you to tap on the module a number of times to initiate tasks on your smartphone, such as playing music, taking a selfie, or finding your phone. That said, the tap technology is similar to the Link multipurpose sensor – found in Misfit products – that serves as a remote control for performing similar tasks on a smartphone.

The tracker is expected to hit the market this summer for $95.

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