The Fossil Q Founder launched in the UK

Barely a month since announcing the plan to release a series of smartwatches, Fossil Group has finally launched the Fossil Q Founder, first of its new brand line, the Fossil Q.

The line features more than six unique smartwatch models, and the Android Wear Q Founder have already been made available for retail in select shops, starting at $295 and £280 in the US and UK respectively.

According to the manufacturer’s website, all Fossil Q smartwatches are compatible with both Android and iOS and also feature a built-in Fossil smartwatch OS with additional add-ons to those offered by Android Wear. Just like most other models out there, though, Fossil Q Founder is not compatible with Windows, something that’s not much expected to count against its general ranking in the market.Fossil Q

Fossil Group has been making headlines lately with a whirlwind of market activity, which include a massive $260 Million move to acquire watchmaker Misfit, in a bid to capitalise on the looming festive season.

The Q Founder might be the first to hit the stores but certainly not the last in 2015. As per the company’s announcement back in October, the Q Grant, Q Reveler and the Q dreamer could be in line for release sooner rather than later.

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