Fogo: Ultimate Adventure Gadget?

Fogo On The Go (Go)

You’re ready! It’s time to head out on the trails for biking, hiking, exploring — whatever. You’ve got your boots on and your friends by your side, and you’re all ready for whatever comes your way. Now: have you got everything you need? Actually, what should you take with you? Let’s see: a flashlight would be good in case night falls sooner than you were expecting. A GPS is vital. Walkie talkies would come in handy in case you and your mates get separated. Oh, and it might be nice to have a way to charge your phone, because that’s going to run out of power pretty soon. Basically, what you need is Fogo, the self-proclaimed ultimate adventure gadget that does all this and more.

Truly Helpful Features

f27d3e47b3b5cb7f526cad981189c97c_largeEngadget recently called Fogo “the smart, Swiss Army Knife of flashlights,” and that’s not at all inaccurate. Besides the built-in GPS, which you can access and read on the Fogo’s display, and the power storage capabilities, it’s an emergency beacon and a crash detection device that can signal for help if you stop responding. You can carry Fogo with you or mount it to your bike. Plus, Fogo is expandable and adaptable through its use of smart cap technology.

Essentially, swapping out the smart cap on the end of the Fogo can change its features. The unit comes with a walkie talkie smart cap to turn it into a voice and text message transmission device. Put on a different smart cap (it connects via USB), and the Fogo becomes an even more advanced tool. Plans are in place for smart caps that turn Fogo into an avalanche beacon and a laser range finder; if this gadget takes off, more could be on the way.

A Bit Of Redundancy

While Fogo is indeed cool, rugged, and durable, which makes it perfect for all sorts of outdoor adventure, a lot of what it can do seems a bit redundant. Many of us have a smartphone on us at all times, including and especially when we’re exploring, and therefore already have a lot of these capabilities with us. GPS? Check. Text messing and voice calls? Check. Flash light? Yes, check. Plus whatever other apps we currently have loaded.


True, Fogo’s ability to actually charge a phone is nice, and the smart cap technology is intriguing. But is this something that consumers will pay for? Fogo is a somewhat pricey device: the base model is currently running $200 USD, and the walkie talkie smart cap is another $50. For that price, you could buy a pretty decent smartphone.

Fogo Kickstarter Campaign Successful

Fogo is hopeful, though, and their Kickstarter campaign has raised over $100,000 USD to make Fogo a reality.

Do hardcore outdoor enthusiasts really want a product like Fogo? Or will they be content to stick with their smartphones? It will be interesting to see how this crowdfunding effort shakes out.

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