Fans Yet to See a Real PlayStation VR Game After PSX 2015

The PlayStation Experience event (PSX 2015) that went down this weekend in San Francisco is one of the biggest opportunities for fans to check out PlayStation VR. There were over a dozen titles on display, including titles from Capcom, Sony, Harmonic, and many more.

Unfortunately, it has been hard for attendees to try those games out, until now. According to Endaget, most of the show-goers were excited about the Virtual Reality movement, and can’t wait to try the new devices. However, there were also a few sceptics at the event arguing that they wouldn’t be interested in playing basic games like Uncharted or Batman in VR. But their opinions could change with more in-depth VR games, which is something that is yet to be revealed even though PlayStation VR will be launched next year.

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PlayStation VR technology is relatively proven

Dave Raynard, the game director from Sony’s London Studio, said that the objective of building any VR game is not necessarily to create a realistic place, but to make it believable to the player. Beyond proving the viability of VR technology, game developers are focusing on creating higher-quality experiences as they approach a consumer-ready level.

That said, nearly everything around the show seemed a little more like advanced tech demos rather than VR games you would be addicted to. Yet, it is not unusual that developers have taken a bit of time to figure out how to create a compelling VR game considering how much the technology has changed in the last few years. Unlike creating games, which have been around for a while, developing VR is a totally new concept characterised by numerous areas in the process.

Sony has not revealed which of the demos shown off at PSX will be converted into fully-fledged launch titles. But gamers are hopeful that PlayStation VR will take off next year.

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