Face Cradle

FaceCradle: The Ideal Travel Accessory or Complete Gimic?


The product’s name really does speak for itself. It is essentially a travel pillow that cradles your face. When I first came across this I was totally enthused by it. What an innovation! Finally, it may be possible for normal-sized folk to get a kip on a flight. But will this product really benefit people in the way that it proclaims?

FaceCradle price when reviewed: $12.99



It’s Kickstarter campaign would definitely say so. They set out with a goal of $20,000 and have surpassed this by a mile raising $508,875 so far, and there’s still 36 days to go.


The basic concept behind the idea is obvious. It is nearly impossible to get a decent sleep on a plane without paying over the odds for an upgrade to business class. FaceCradle allows you to ‘upgrade to sleeping class’ by using the most advanced travel pillow on the market.

FaceCradle has 5 modes which include: Dozing mode, Snoozing mode, Table-nap mode, Deep Sleep mode and Deep Sleep mode (side). See below:

FaceCradle modes


But are you really going to be comfortable setting this device up in the middle of a busy, cramped flight? Deep Sleep Mode, looks especially awkward to administer in my opinion, but nevertheless, it is definitely something I’d like to try. (hint hint)

Face Cradle

FaceCradle is available on Kickstarter until the 1st of October 2016. Make sure you back this project, before it’s too late!
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  1. Khandi

    Don’t waste your money folks it’s very cheaply made and too small around the neck for most people. Have a good look at the comments section of their Kickstarter campaign and their Facebook page most people are very dissatisfied. That is of course if you even get it. They blew off their Kickstarter backers and only shipped about half to the people who got them started. Their customer support is horrendous.

  2. M

    Don’t buy from these people it will take weeks if not months to get your purchase if you ever get it at all! They blame everyone and everything else except themselves when they screw up orders. They started out funding on Kickstarter and many original backers still don’t have their backer purchases yet. These dubious people went straight for the cash grab and are now in the process of stabbing new customers in the back as well.if you do buy and find the wait is just too long, don’t expect their customer service to help, you probably will never get an answer. For more info on their suspicious activities see the comment section on their Kickstarter campaign and scroll. It may take you awhile to find positive feedback. Also read the comments under their Facebook posts, lots of very unhappy customers too.take my advice nothing like this is worth the hassle.

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