Electrolux Concept Mobile Kitchen

Hold Your Kitchen In Your Hand

The Electrolux Concept Mobile Kitchen takes some pretty major kitchen equipment plus an enormous cookbook and distills it all down to about the size and shape of a laptop. While it’s not your entire kitchen (there’s no refrigerator, for example), it is a tiny device that will help you prepare a dish from start to finish.

This laptop is a stovetop: it contains an induction heating surface upon which a saucepan or frying pan can rest nicely and cook your food. The aforementioned cookbook is digital and accessible on the flip-up screen, and it includes video tutorials. Need a place to chop? A cutting board slides out, as does a small grater for cheese and other ingredients. Finally, to keep you powered and connected, there’s a large, long-lasting battery and wifi, 3G, and BlueTooth connectivity.

A Huge Cool Quotient

Talk about a futuristic looking gadget! This thing looks like it’s right out of a Tex Avery cartoon. Plus, it fits the model of how our devices seem to be scaling these days: everything’s getting smaller.

It also has some practical uses for certain demographics. It’s a perfect cooking tool for camping enthusiasts, college students, and anyone who appreciates having the ultimate in portability. Also, with the current popularity of and interest in smaller living spaces, the Electrolux Concept Mobile Kitchen is ideal for those who live in small homes with a tiny kitchen or with no kitchen at all.

Electrolux Concept Kitchen – Some Concerns

Even though this device is still in the concept stage, we have some serious concerns about its safety and practicality. For starters, cooking is messy. What’s going to happen to the screen after regular use, when grease has splattered and more or less ruined it? We’re also concerned about the potential for a fire hazard; how hot does the Electrolux get?

We’re not sure if it’s possible to have a portable kitchen in this type of shape and keep it clean and protected. Still, its reassuring to know that we’re getting another step closer to fitting one more item in the palms of our hands.

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