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Dlodlo V1: Is This The VR Experience We’ve All Been Waiting For?

There has been much coverage of this VR product back in August of this year, and since the release is meant to be October, I thought it would be the right time to give you some info on the product and its latest.


At first glance, I’m not going to lie, I thought this said dildo. What a strange name for a company I thought, what’s this about… It then came to my realisation that it did not say that. It is actually pronounced dodo. Not the best English translation I must say, and Digital Trends certainly weren’t impressed with the product saying, “and you’d have to be one, to buy one.”

dloldo VR

Dlodlo is an attempt at the new form of lightweight, portable virtual reality which has been predicted to be present in the future, by the likes on Mark Zuckerberg. Lightweight VR headsets do not exist, but are certainly a possibility, and this controversial, innovative Chinese company, Dlodlo state that “If we can predict the future, why not make it”. Fair point. Why not? That’s surely what technology is all about, right?

But the the product has got a lot of stick from the likes of The Verge, Digital Trends and CNET. I thought, no, lets look into this and find out more about this innovative product. Because on the face of it, it seems like the the latest innovation to come out of the virtual reality marketplace, and a good one at that. So what is everyone’s beef with Dodo, I mean Dlodlo?


The most appealing trait of the Dlodlo VR glasses, is the lightweight design. Weighing only 88 grams, half the weight of an iPhone 6s Plus, it is the lightest virtual reality product on the market. To give you a comparison, the Oculus Rift weighs almost 500 grams and HTC Vive even heavier. It boasts a 1200 x 1200-pixel screen for each eye, which is better than what the Oculus and Vive currently have.

The V1 has a has no onboard processing power, but instead a screen that connects to a desktop or the D1 device which can be purchased separately but works with the V1. This device has a remarkable resemblance to the iPod Touch, except a bit bulkier. It will run on its own “Dlodlo OS” software, similar to Android 5.0 Lollipop, and it will have its own app store. There were far more titles detailed in the press release for the Dlodlo than what appeared at the event in August. There seemed to only be 3 available and all basic Google Cardboard games.


Dlodlo’s user experience has had some criticism, however The Verge, did shed some positive light on the product stating that, “Dlodlo’s headset can deliver a decent core experience”. Not overwhelmingly enthusiastic, but not critical per say.

Dlodlo has also been criticised for not being able to stay on ones face. When questioned about this problem, a Dlodlo employee stated that they were designed with Asian head structure in mind. I’m no expert, but I’d say this is a pretty important feature of the glasses if they are aiming to have an advantage over the top VR headsets. If this problem isn’t solvable, I would suggest it may be easier (and less embarrassing), if the company just put a strap around the back to help secure the glasses. The bigger headsets like Oculus and Gear VR, use this design because virtual reality is an immersive experience, i.e you are going to be moving around a lot, so it makes sense.


October (so, now) is what was intended as release, but it would only be the development edition of the product and the range of games would be expanded as the device becomes more accessible as stated by the company’s CTO. Price-wise, they are pretty steep. The Dlodlo V1 will have the hefty price tag of about $599 or £430. For the D1 device, pricing information has not yet been released.

Dlodlo vr

The main problem facing companies trying to push the boundaries of VR is that, VR glasses look better than they work. However harsh the criticism has been for this product, we must remember that this was only at the prototype stage of production. There are far worse products on the market that have completely flopped. So to give credit where credit is due, Dlodlo has really thought outside the box and with the right investment, the company could be onto something incredible for virtual reality and technology as a whole.

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