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Extreme Headphones

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The word “extreme” gets thrown around a lot these days, and its been used to describe some pretty mundane things. However, in the case of Deewear FlyONE headphones, “extreme” aptly describes the type of activity which these in-ear headphones can easily support. “You Fly. They Don’t.” – Deewear’s statement was put to the test by TeamJestion, a group of parkourers.

And really, why not parkour? Headphones have been designed for jogging, cycling, skiing, weightlifting, and even swimming. Parkour, a free running sport that involves all sorts of jumping, climbing, vaulting, and rolling, can be a great benchmark to test how a pair of headphones react to all sorts of position and orientation changes. Listening to music while doing all that can be a challenge, but not with a pair of FlyONEs.

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Materials That Hold Up


FlyONE headphones are the latest entry in the BlueTooth sports headphones market. They connect wirelessly to your smartphone or other music player, which means you can leave it in your pocket and just go. The only cable you’ll find on the FlyONEs is the short one between the earbuds.

And yes, while they’re viable for parkour, they can really be used for just about any sport — running, cycling, hardcore hoovering, whatever. That’s due in large part to their durable construction and design for movement. They’re made of quality plastic and silicon, with a flat anti-tangle cable connecting the two earbuds.


FlyONEs are incredibly lightweight at just 15g. They won’t weight you down at all, and you may even forget that you’re wearing them. Plus, they can stand up to the most intense workouts: they’re highly sweat, rain, and splash resistant. Deewear says they’re not designed for swimming, but the company does insist that you can even briefly submerge FlyONEs in a glass of water without causing any damage.

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Superb Audio Quality

Of course, the true test of any pair of headphones or earbuds is how they sound. All the ruggedness and resistance in the world means nothing if your music sounds like it’s being played through a tin can.

FlyONEs pass this test with flying colours, thanks to lossless aptX or A2DP audio transmission (the former is for Android, the latter for iOS) and sixth generation CVC bidirectional noise cancellation. If you’re not familiar with these protocols and what they involve, the results are:

  • crisp sound with smooth bass,
  • bright treble,
  • and clarity across all frequencies.

This outstanding sound quality will get you through just about any workout. You’ll get up to five hours of playback time on the FlyONEs, allowing you to traverse an entire city or run a marathon before your music goes silent. Standby time is 180 hours (that’s seven and a half days!), and the BlueTooth range of the FlyONEs is a full ten metres.

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Personalise Your Experience

If you’ve spent any time running (free or otherwise) with earbuds in your ears, you know that they get bounced and jostled quite a bit. A poor fit can mean that one or both slip out — an annoyance at best and an expensive replacement at worst. FlyONE headphones, however, are designed to stay put.

Each pair of FlyONEs comes with an assortment of ear fins (or flaps) and earbuds of varying sizes, allowing you to create the perfect fit for your ear. They’ll fit comfortably and securely, and stopping to reposition or re-fit them to your ears should never happen. Even when subjected to the small amount of pressure that comes with using the on-cord remote, your FlyONEs shouldn’t budge.

FlyONE: Light or Dark

Unlike a lot of headphones and wearable devices in general, FlyONEs don’t come in an array of hues. To paraphrase Henry Ford, you can have them in any colour as long as it’s black. Well, the earbuds are black; the cable is white. It’s a simple combination, but at least you won’t have to worry about your headphones clashing with your other workout wear.

However, Deewear recognises that some athletes prefer to get their exercise in after sundown. For these individuals, visibility is an important factor in choosing workout gear, and FlyONE Dark is made for them. Not only does it have a cable coated with a refractive film for better visibility in low light, but it’s got the most up to date electronics for the best possible sound.

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If you’d like to test the FlyONEs for yourself, you can get them at £10 discount on with the promocode FONEDRUN.

Deewear FlyONE – Italian Origins

Deewear, the company behind the FlyONE headphones, is an Italy-based startup. This detail comes as no surprise, as the FlyONEs have the appealing design, great style, and durable construction that you’d expect from a product of Italian origin.

FlyONEs are competitively priced, as far as BlueTooth sport headphones go, at £59.90. When you consider that parkour is a sport that requires very little overhead (no gym memberships, no special gear), spending not quite 60 quid for a pair of quality headphones to improve your free running experience is totally reasonable. If you’re looking for a pair of rugged headphones that sound great and can withstand tons of use, the FlyONE headphones are a great choice.

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