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The Crowdfunded Jolla Tablet

Crowdfunding Success

Only two days ago, gadget maker Jolla announced their intention to produce a table using crowdfunding. Initially they hoped for to raise $380,000 within the 21 day campaign. At time of writing, two days into the campaign, the company sit on $1.2m with 19 days remaining. At over $500k per day it is among the fastest crowdfunding campaigns of all time.

Who are Jolla

Jolla are a Finland based company made up of ex-Nokia engineers. When the Finnish tech giants cancelled it’s MeeGo platform (A linux based operating system) which was abandoned in favour of running Windows on their new phones. The engineers involved decided to go it alone.

To date Jolla have one product currently on the market in EU and limited parts of Asia. The Jolla smartphone, which launched in November 2013 to moderate success.

jolla phone

The Tablet

With the success of the smartphone running their Sailfish OS, Jolla felt confident to keep pushing forward with the OS and build a tablet around it.

Normally this is a risky move as apps are what determine the take-up on a new OS (Blackberry OS being a prime example of an OS performing poorly due to a limited number of Apps). Those fears are unwarranted for Sailfish as it is able to run both it’s own apps and Android apps, thus allowing even more flexibility that with a typical android device.

jolla tablet


Although aiming to be far cheaper than the competition, the Jolla tablet is far from a slouch.


The Jolla tablet is expected to Launch mid 2015 from $189. You can order one now via indigogo for £209


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