Corner – Boxing Training Wearable By Athletec

Corner – Boxing Training Wearable By Athletec

Athletec Corner boxing training technology is a boxing wearable that gives full, real-time insight into your performance. Announced at International CES 2016 in March, CORNER’S convenience and depth of analysis has caused great anticipation ahead of product’s end of July release.

By sliding on a pair of small, Bluetooth trackers to their hands, boxers are now able to track every block, punch or combination in to build a full picture of their performance. The device’s use of high technology makes it possible to monitor speed, power and accuracy and punch types without interfering with the boxer’s routine.

Boxers can find their peak performance by quickly discovering the areas of their game that needs track improvement, and focus in each session, day, week and month of training.

Who is the Corner Wearable Made for?

Athletec Corner Sensor Pair wearableThe device is made for anyone who is interested in boxing exercise. Whether aimed at those who are looking to make progress in the technical aspect of boxing or at the fitness part of boxing training. This can range from amateur fighter, boxing hobbyist to professional fighters.


Athletec corner appAthletec Corner free app will be available on both IOS and Android. Athletes and trainers will be able to access the data online, using any computer. With the coach able to view data online, they will be able to track and monitor each or their trainees 24/7, allowing the boxer to benefit from around the clock training.

Every punch type – hooks, jabs, uppercuts and crosses; blocks and combinations are shown in real-time box.

Battery life and how to charge

When you purchase Corner, it will include a charging cable for the sensors. Fully charged battery will last over 5 hours of live usage; however it will have an off-line feature that will be available for boxers using Corner.

The offline feature could be more beneficial for competitive boxers who are training 4 to 5 times a week, and are more interested in reviewing their weekly performance analysis. The data recorded would be synced at the end of each performance, preserving the battery life more.

Price and release date

Corner will begin at a pre-order price of £50 from Athletec’s in end July, 2016. With this wearable, you get two wrist sensors, a dual charging cable and free app. Devices will be shipped in October.


Corner’s combination of IoT implementation and modest wearable technology makes it possible to deliver performance analysis appropriate for elite athletes, yet handy to every athlete and coach desperate for better performance.

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