Coolest Cooler and Zano Drone – Latest Disasters At Kickstarter

Tuesday was a day to forget at Kickstarter as two of its most promising projects – the Zano “nano drone” and the Coolest Cooler – went down crashing in shattering fashion.

Zano announced going bankrupt while Coolest Cooler took to Amazon to sell stock so as to raise money to finish producing units for its backers.

We would wish it was, but then it’s not the common misfortune of going unfunded that has had the projects going off course. Actually, the two products’ campaigns are among the most phenomenal Kickstarter has ever seen, which raises the question of what exactly happened to the funds?

While the answer to that may not be so important at the moment, backers of both projects will have to take in the reality and adapt to the unfortunate turn of events. Coolest’s backers at least have some hope to cling on to as the production and shipping of their units might take place if sales on Amazon turn out successful. Zano’s backers, on the other hand, should as well accept this as the dead end with everything about the product in question taking a complete standstill. Not even the company’s official website or twitter account is active.

Though these kinds of tragedies are not so new to Kickstarter, the fact that the two happened at the same time may prove cringe-worthy and dispiriting to potential startups and backers, which may in turn deal a massive blow to the general innovation sector.

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