Coming Soon – TAG Heuer Smartwatch

With CES just around the corner there is plenty of buzz about the latest wearables. Technology powerhouses Samsung, Apple, LG and Motorola will show their latest efforts in the smartwatch market. While these companies are all very experience in the technology sector, they are all relative newcomers to fashion (where the winning Smartwatch may be the most fashionable).

This is where the tech giants have to take not at a technology David to their Goliath, but one who has been making watches for over a century.  TAG Heure will be showcasing their first foray into the wearable technology space with their first Smartwatch.

CEO Jean-Claude Biver, has not, initially, been sold on the idea of smartwatches since taking over in March 2014. However it is likely that the fashion impact of wearables has forced a change of mind.

While very little is known about the specifics, speculation has TAG Heuer partnering with Intel and/or Google to help bring their first Smartwatch to the public. Likely TAG will want to retain a mechanical component to the watch, we may only have to wait a week for CES to find out what they have in store.


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