Rosetta Comet Landing LIVE

Rosetta Comet Mission

At appcessories our love for technology often extends beyond the living room, in fact, sometimes it goes beyond this planet.

After being launched nearly 10 years ago, the ESA’s Rosetta mission is about to make an historic attempt today, to land on a comet.

The 10 year Rosetta comet mission culminates in the final stage today where the probe will be putting its Philae lander on comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko (not quite a name that rolls off the tongue). For more information on the mission check out the ESA page here

The scientists hope that the data collected will unveil some of the secrets of how life began on Earth.


*all times in GMT

Last update 1900 – Harpoons were not deployed but a successful landed occurred, there was a small bounce resulting in a second landing (technically). All is OK for now but they will know more in the morning

Turns out that the harpoons it was to use for landing never fired, yet a successful landing still occurred.

Congratulations to the ESA for a successful landing!!!

Landing window has begun. Confirmation, we hope, of a successful landing any time now.

Signal received from the lander at 1106. All things looking good so far.

The launch of the lander was successful at 0903 ( this resulted in a loss of signal (as expected) that will be reconnected at 1200 today. Touchdown has been calculated to be 1602.

We will be updating this blog with the latest news as it happens throughout the day.

You can also follow the live webcast here.

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