Classic Match Foosball

Classic Match Foosball Review

Table Football (or Foosball if you’re given to Americanisms) has been given a modern twist with New Potato’s Classic Match Foosball accessory for the iPad. As an avid player of the ‘sport’ back in my student days, I was pretty excited to try it out and find out whether it was any good.

Classic Match Foosball Specifications

The iPad foosball table comes equipped with eight functional 2-axis control bars plus scoring markers; and despite being made from plastic feels pretty sturdy. Before playing your first game, you’ll need to download the free foosball app, attach the table legs and calibrate the rods. The table is powered by your iPad via the 30-pin dock ,and there’s a USB port on the bottom of the table so you can plug keep your iPad charged during play.
Classic Match Foosball


The graphics of the app are not out of this world, but there is a realistic depth to the table that simulates the perspective of playing table football really well. The controls are extremely responsive, regardless of whether I was taking my time to line up a shot perfectly or giving it the old crazy-spin move – the app was very good at keeping up. The only flaw is that unlike a traditional foosball table, the rods are not offset on but directly opposite one another on each side of the table; meaning that the physical rods are not perfectly aligned with the onscreen rods, which had me reaching for the twisting the wrong handle on more than one occasion.

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