Blood-Sucking Smartwatch: Google Files Patent for a Needle-free Blood Draw Gadget

Google (now Alphabet) recently filed a patent application for their “needle-free blood draw” device that can be implanted in a wearable, like a smartwatch, or simply used as a hand-held device to draw blood from a fingertip or any other part of the body.

How the needle-free blood draw device works

The patent that was filed on 3rd December is still pending. It describes a blood-draw system that functions by blasting gas into a barrel containing a micro-particle that penetrates the skin, and the blood released is sucked up into a negative pressure barrel.
Google claims that the system can be used to draw a small amount of blood, such as that needed for a glucose test. This implies that the technology could prove to be helpful to people with diabetes, if the search giant chooses to transform the idea into a product.

Considering Life Sciences’ ongoing projects, a focus on diabetes looks like a reasonable bet. The company has been working on two devices aimed at helping diabetics keep track of their glucose levels: the smart contact lenses and a cloud-connected, bandage-sized sensor. If these projects are successfully completed, and gain FDA clearance, they could prove to be quite profitable for Google, as there are an estimated 29 million diabetics in the US.

Following the formation of the new parent company, Alphabet, there was an immediate emphasis on medical technology. Besides the hyper-futuristic technologies targeting people with diabetes, the Life Sciences division is also working on cancer-tracking microparticles. But there is no solid indication that Alphabet will work on their new device at all.

If the company decides to proceed with this, they might need to readjust the design. Currently, the wrist wearable featured in the patent looks a bit oversized as shown below.

Needle-free Blood Draw Gadget


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