BigScreen introduces VR software for PCs

BigScreen is coming up with VR software for PCs that will allow you to maintain an immersive experience when using multiple displays.

VR Software for PCs

Virtual reality faces quite a few challenges, but perhaps one of the biggest ones is breaking the immersion by taking your headset off just to run a conventional app.

To address this concern, BigScreen is developing software that places your entire Windows Desktop in a VR environment. There are two key goals for this: first is to provide users with an immersive experience in the form of a big, wall-filling screen on a budget; and second is to enhance the social experience. You will be able to watch movies and play games with friends using personalised avatars, or see your friend’s shared screen as a separate virtual monitor.

Consumers can start signing up for a public beta test immediately, though the company won’t release the software for both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive until April this year. The version for Samsung Gear VR will come much later in 2016.

BigScreen will probably be a niche app on launch, meaning that users will need a costly headset and powerful PC to use it. That said, this is a major step toward turning VR from an occasional experience into something you use on a daily basis, whether you’re creating worlds or catching up on Netflix.

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