Top 10 Apple Stands, Chargers and Cases

There’s no denying that handheld tech devices have slowly become the centre of our modern-day lives. Nowadays, it is impossible to purchase a smartphone or tablet without thinking or budgeting for the accompanying accessories. The following write-up should give the average consumer an insight into the various types of Apple accessories (chargers, stands and cases) you can find on both online and brick & mortar stores today.

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Top 10 Apple stands

Ever since the unveiling of the world famous Apple Watch, getting an effective dock and stand is a good choice for two main reasons, they help keep your metal bands protected from getting scuffed up, while guaranteeing a stable and reliable charging connection. Some Apple stands even offer a very pretty display that accentuates you watch. Read on for the top 10 Apple stands.

10. Nomad’s Pod

nomad Apple stands

With a large 1800mAh battery, Nomad’s Pod looks not only good but also works quite well. It is small enough that you can just toss it in your bag or pocket, and it keeps your watch powered for a couple of days. Expect three full recharges if you are using the 42mm Apple Watch.

9. Bloc – Apple Watch Stand

bloc Apple stands

Bootcase’s Bloc hides a handy 2000mAh battery along with a charging cable fitted inside a boxy wood or metal frame. Multiple materials and colours are available, and it can easily recharge your Apple Watch about three times.

8. Mophie’s Watch Dock

mophie Apple stands

Mophie’s Watch Dock is your basic stand with no electronic component fitted inside. However, it is unique in the way it has combined leather and metal in one design. The base is aluminium, and it helps to keep the watch elevated while the leather accentuates the top part of the stand to enhance the watch. It also features elegant cord management, such that this stand could easily work for store displays.

7. Nomad’s Stand

stand Apple stands

The Nomad’s Stand is likely the most attractive and futurist of all available Apple charging stations. It comes in either space gray or silver aluminium and hides the innovative magnetic charger behind the Apple Watch, with the cable running around it. There is a small copper piece inside also, to offer the stability it needs.

6. TimeStand

timestand Apple stands

TimeStand is an elegantly designed stand with a nice rubber-padded cylinder made from aluminium that holds the watch upright while taking up the least space possible. It is also quite affordable for a highly quality aluminium stand. The available versions are black and silver.

5. Lounge Dock

lounge Apple stands

Designed as TimeStand’s alternative, Lounge Dock trades stylishness for versatility. The plastic watch holder is adjustable to whatever side you want for viewing or interacting with the watch’s screen.

4. Elago Design – W Stand

wstand Apple stands

From Elago Design, the W Stand combines a hollow metal tube with thick top and bottom rubber caps. The available versions include dark gray, black metal, champagne gold, and silver. Each stand is conspicuously tall and weighted to prevent accidental movement.

3. Blocks for Apple Watch

switcheasy Apple stands

Blocks is a DIY stand that arrives like a kit filled with 92 plastic pieces. The instructions guide you in creating an elevated watch stand or a combination of iPhone and Watch Stand. You can even use additional Legos so as to create something unique.

2. Navitech

Navitech Apple stands

Besides offering aluminium and oak wood versions, Navitech charging station also claims that the stand has a smart IC chip, which switches automatically to power saving mode to avoid overcharging your watch once the stand fully charges the battery.

1. Pad & Quill Apple Stand

Padquill Apple stands

The Pad & Quill stand is available in two distinctive colours (mahogany or cherry) and is specifically handcrafted using Minneapolis wood. Unlike the above stands, it is foldable for travel. A recess allows you to wind the charging cord at the bottom.

These are only a few of the top Apple stands available. You should now have an easy time choosing the best one.

Upcoming promising projects – The Amber


Apple Watches have to be regularly charged by their owners. We are not talking about every week though since those futuristic devices need to be recharged every night after normal use. Of course, Apple usually includes the charging cable when you purchase the Apple watch. However, where exactly does one place their costly gadget when it is recharging?

A charging stand or dock placed on your nightstand is one option. Nevertheless, if you accidently knock over the stand or if water splashes from your cup, those stands do not anything to guard your investment against those inevitable spills and tumbles.

Here is where the Amber shines. It is a mixture of protective case and power bank for your precious Apple Watch.

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Powerful and portable

The Amber features a 3.7V rechargeable battery, enabling you to charge your watch easily anywhere, even where there are no available wall outlets. Your standard Apple Watch cable plugs easily into the Amber and charging begins. For full protection, just cover it up.

Amber’s battery is quite powerful and can charge the Apple Watch eight times, thus making it the best device for short trips. Its USB plug supports iPhone charging, although you can only charge your phone twice before exhausting Amber’s charge. Also, there is an intuitive Amber App that tells you the charging progress and other significant details.

When will the Amber be available?

ClearGrass is the name of the firm behind the Amber. While you cannot purchase the Amber just yet, a successful Kickstarter campaign should help get the product to market soon. The price for the Amber has also not been announced yet by the company.

One thing that stands out about Amber is that it is different from most of the Apple Watch stands and charging docks available today. It is powerful, portable, protective and pretty. While the last feature of attractiveness may not appear as very important, the fact that good design is a key part of Apple’s charm, it will likely help in boosting Amber’s appeal.

Top 10 Apple Chargers

Apple is considered by many as one of the industry leaders due to its broad range of innovative devices. The iPhone, specifically, has developed from a simple, unique mobile device into an intricate gizmo that can serve as an entertainment centre, GPS unit and also social hub. Making sure that your iPhone is always on requires a great charger that will keep your device powered. The following is a compilation of the top 10 iPhone chargers to assist in choosing the best Apple charger easily.

10. X5 Mobile Fast USB Wall Charger


The X5 Mobile Fast USB Wall Charger allows for easy charging both through the wall outlet and your computer. It has a handy cable, USB 30 pin, which enables syncing and transferring files between your computer and the iPhone. It also supports the iPod and iPad.

9. Poweradd™ 30 Pin USB Charging

30 Apple Chargers

Besides being an Apple certified product, the Poweradd charger does a great job ensuring your iPhone is fully charged. It can also charge an iPad, iPod, Mac and even Windows PC. Besides charging, the cable can be used for data transfer between your Apple devices. It features an extensive 4 feet cable, which is lightweight and durable.

8. AmazonBasics Apple Certified Lightning to USB Cable

amazon-basics Apple Chargers

This cable effectively charges your iPhone and other common Apple devices like the iPad and iPod. Buyers use the Lightning connector for connecting to Apple devices. The compact connector head is suitable for nearly about each case.

7. Anker® Lightning to USB Cable with Ultra-Compact Connector Head

anker Apple Chargers

Another effective Apple certified charger with quality results. The 3 feet cord is flexible, durable and portable to suit daily connection needs. It also supports data transfer between the phone and the PC.

6. Omaker Lightning to USB Sync Charger Data Cable

omaker Apple Chargers

This charger has a highly durable and lightweight build that increases portability. It uses a slim connector design for easy use without even removing it from the case. Besides charging, it also supports data transfer.

5. Powergen Dual USB Wall Charger

POWERGEN Apple Chargers

For full-speed iPhone charging and other Android and Apple devices, this is the best charger. It has an informative LED that helps in confirming whether you have properly connected the USB cable. It stops charging once it detects that the iPhone is completely charged.

4. iXCC ® Lightning Cable Element Series 8 pin USB Synch Cable Charger

ixcc Apple Chargers

Fully certified by Apple, this charger works on the iPhone, iPod, and the iPad. It features a 3 feet cable is great for charging at home, office or in your car.

3. Poweradd™ 8-Pin Lightning to USB Charge and Sync Cable

poweradd Apple Chargers

This charger can work with your iPhone and other notable Apple devices like the iPad. The 3.3 feet highly durable cable will meet your daily requirements. It is also lightweight and portable.

2. Liger Wall Charger

ligger Apple Chargers

Using this Liger charger, it is possible to sync, transfer data and charge your Apple device. It is portable, compact and lightweight. For added convenience and maneuverability, it is 3.4 feet long. It supports iPhone, iPod, and iPad.

1. Apple Lightning to USB Cable

For effective connectivity between your iPad, iPod, and iPhone, this cable has the smart lightning connector that guarantees both syncing and charging. It also supports charging from the standard wall outlet.

You should be able to choose the most suitable Apple charger from the above list. Let us now consider that top Apple stands you should consider.

Top 10 Apple cases

Cases are an important part of any phone for both increasing the durability and appeal of the phone. Listed below are the top 10 Apple cases.

10. Apple Case


As is the case with every new iPhone release, Apple is offering a fresh lineup of silicone and leather cases, but with an extensive colour palette. Of course, the silicone models have a broader colour range than their leather counterparts. The recommended Apple cases would unquestionably be the branded leather ones as they offer a more premium feel.

9. OtterBox

otterbox Apple Case

The popular Commuter and Defender series from OtterBox both provide full drop and dust protection while the lightweight Symmetry and Strada leather ranges used a sealed style design. The advantage of choosing OtterBox is that it is among the leading companies in iPhone protection.

8. Speck

speck Apple Cases

With an extensive selection of products and affordable prices, Speck’s CandyShell range is great for users looking for distinctive Apple cases that will stand out from the crowd. A resilient outer shell covers the cushioned inner part for protecting the iPhone. The coating is also scratch-resistant, thus, keeping the appealing artwork safe.

7. FUZ Designs

fuz Apple Cases

The newest arrival in third-party accessories, FUZ Designs, features a cool range of Apple cases. The firm’s signature Felt Case, which is furry, integrates the thermoplastic urethane layer for the inner skin while the outer skin is an industrial grade for a protective, tactile and thin case. Another product known as the Soft Case uses a protective layer covered with black, red or blue polyurethane.

6. Urban Armor Gear

uag Apple Cases

UAG is an excellent impact resistant Apple case that seeks to offer the best protection in a small profile. It features lightweight construction, impact resistant core, and an armor shell. These cases are quite robust and come with a screen protector to prevent scratches.

5. Incipio

incipio Apple Cases

Incipio is among the most popular Apple case makers with a high customer satisfaction rate on Amazon. The company has several notable Apple cases including the Stowaway, which has an inbuilt stand and credit card case; the Feather has a slim polycarbonate case while the NGP features a bendable polymer case.

4. Casetify

feature-print Apple Cases

Users who want more customisation options will find Casetify most pleasing. This Apple case allows buyers to print their Instagram photos on a thin Apple iPhone case. There are several pre-made custom designs available at the website to help you create your customised case.

3. Radius v2

radius Apple Cases

This Apple case offers a snap on ease to protect the rear and corners of your device, the main areas most prone to damage. Due to the minimalist design, the Radius v2 offers an extremely lightweight case to keep your iPhone pocket-friendly.

2. Tech Armor

techarmor Apple Cases

Tech Armor has a broad range of HD screen protectors for iPhone screens. There is a full glass version designed to fit on a full iPhone display to ensure ultimate coverage. The glass used provides impact and scratch protection.

1. Caseology

Caseology Apple Cases

For more stylish and contemporary stylish cases, Caseology is the best option. The Apple cases here feature from leather, textured materials, and carbon fiber. The common series are the Vault, Glacier, and Envoy.

In Conclusion

Whichever your design tastes are, there is no doubt that there is no shortage of variety when it comes to complementing to your iPhone – be it a 3GS or the latest 6S series. Long are the days when we had to walk around with cheaply made, dysfunctional and mediocre made cases on our prized smartphones (iPhones are generally the priciest phones in the market). The future is here, and it is only a matter or time before secondary smartphone accessories (such as cases, stands, and chargers) become part and parcel of our everyday life.

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