BeON: Intelligent Security for Smart Homes

An Unoccupied Home Is Vulnerable

It’s fairly easy to spot when a home in your neighbourhood is unoccupied: either the house is in total darkness, or there’s the one lone lamp on in the living room, attached to a timer that switches on around sunset and off around bedtime. An unoccupied home is vulnerable to burglars, and nothing can spoil a vacation quite like coming home to find that your house has been broken into and your valuables have been ripped off.

One thing that could make an unoccupied home look occupied is lights turning on and off in a natural succession. This could be accomplished with a series of timers, of course, but you’d have to program each one separately, and if the power goes out while you’re away, the whole scheme is ruined. Fortunately, a better preventative home security system is currently in development by the engineers at BeON, a start-up based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


Learns Your Lighting Habits

The BeON preventative home security system consists of a series of intelligent light bulbs. Like other bulbs, BeON’s bulbs install with a few turns of the wrist, switch on and off easily, and illuminate the dark with soft white light. Unlike ordinary bulbs, however, BeON’s security bulbs have a hole in them for an intelligent listener that learns your lighting habits.

Additionally, BeON’s bulbs sync with a proprietary smart phone app; when you set the app to away mode, the bulbs play back your lighting patterns to simulate normal use. Furthermore, these bulbs can respond to sound, so that when someone rings the doorbell, for example, lights turn on in the dark home to make it look like someone has been roused.

Extra Safety, More Features

As an added feature, BeON’s bulbs fade out instead of cut off, automatically switch on when the fire alarm sounds, and work even during power outages. In the future, the hole in BeON’s bulbs could be filled with other plugs that are in development, such as a sounder that plays ambient noise. Ultimately, the goal of BeON’s preventative security system is to provide intelligent home security that’s easier to use than any other available system.

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