August – A Smart Lock For Smart Homes

In our digital world of sensors and devices, using a key to enter your home seems so antiquated. The August Smart Lock seeks to bring our front doors up to speed with the rest of our lives. It is a key-less entry system, but more than that, it is a way to easily invite certain people into your home while keeping it secure at the same time.

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The August Smart Lock is easy to install on just about any door. It’s simple design is discreet, and its interface is easy to use. Plus, all of the device’s functionality can be controlled with a smart phone or computer.

August Smart Lock – Convenient And Safe

gallery3August is totally keyless, so you won’t have to worry about carrying keys or handing out keys to guests. You can extend and cancel digital access at will: your significant other, for example, might have access that always works, while your dog walker might be granted access only on weekdays from 2:00-3:00 pm. The app keeps a log of who entered and exited when, and notifications can be turned on to let you know the moment entrances and exits occur.

Finally, August works via BlueTooth. Even if your power goes out, even if your internet is down, August will still work. It’s powered by four AA batteries, and when they start to run low, the app will remind you to get fresh ones.

Some Potential Drawbacks

There are a few disadvantages of the August Smart Lock. First, the device’s motor may not be able to easily open doors on older homes that have heavy or sticky latches. Next, having a phone is essential if you’re going to enter an August-locked home. If your phone is lost, if you’ve forgotten it at home, or if you have a dead phone battery, you could be locked out.

Also consider that a stolen or lost phone could mean entry by someone you don’t want. True, you can turn off key invitations at any time, but by the time you realise that your phone or a friend’s phone has been stolen, it can sometimes be too late. Finally, August can only tell you if someone has entered or exited using the lock’s app. If your lock is busted or broken by a would-be thief, there’s no notification for that.

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