The Aries Smart Bracelet: Ringly’s New Activity Tracking Jewelry

Ringly, vendors of pretty wearables, have introduced another piece of vibrating, activity tracking jewellery dubbed the Aries smart bracelet. Unlike the company’s earlier ring innovation, their bangle bracelet can track your steps, determine how far you have walked, and track the calories burned through a connected app.

How the Aries Smart Bracelet compares to other Jewelry Wearables

One of the biggest challenges with wearables is actually wanting to wear one, especially if you’re not aesthetically inclined to wear an activity tracker or smart watch. In such cases, the promise of function becomes worthless.

To address the concerns of this segment of female shoppers, a number of companies have started making more attractive wearables with a jewelry feel, such as the Mira tracker that can be concealed inside a cuff bracelet; the Jawbone metal hook closure; and the pendant necklace designed by Tory Burch to disguise Fitbit’s Flex tracker.

The launch of Ringly’s “Aries” collection comprising slim, gold-plated bangles with four semi-precious stone options adds to the world of pretty wearables. Similar to the company’s debut pretty wearable, a smart ring launched in January 2015, this bangle bracelet connects to your phone via Bluetooth to send notifications.

There’s a Ringly app that lets you select the alerts you want, as well as how you want them to display – shade of light, number of vibrations, etc. You can even filter messaging to allow notifications from select people to come through; or get notifications for the 100+ connected apps, including Uber and Snapchat.

The bracelet is available for pre-orders at $195, with shipping expected to start in late July.

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