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Apple Watch Official Charging Dock Now Available For $79

Apple has finally released the official magnetic charging dock for the Apple Watch.

The dock, which comes almost seven months after the official Apple Watch launch back in April, was released yesterday and is now available in the US and European markets at a price starting $79.

Apple Watch 2 price when reviewed: $399


Apple is expected to face some stiff competition on this front from tens of unofficial substitutes, most of which were out days after the smartwatch’s release, but with the top notch aesthetic and functionality that typifies Apple products and the mere fact that this is the official dock should see this accessory rule the market.

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The big question is whether the charging dock will be compatible with the Apple Watch 2, which is expected to launch before end of Q2 2016, and the answer is yes. The upcoming device, as we already know, will not be much different from its predecessor in both the feature and architecture fronts, and should be congruent with all accessories designed for Apple Watch 1.

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