Apple Watch coming Spring 2015

Release Date

The long awaited Apple Watch was introduced and extensively demonstrated last September alongside the new Apple iPhone 6 duet, but its release date was announced as just “early 2015”.

Many had hoped that they would get to try out the smartwatch by late January or February at the latest, but an internal company communication leaked to 9to5Mac suggests a Spring launch date.

The report, citing an anonymous source’s transcript of a video message sent by Angela Ahrendts – Apple’s Senior Vice President of retail and online stores – said that the launch would come in the Spring, after the Chinese New Year. Based on this report, Apple’s first wearable device could be launched in late March, which is still in the first quarter of 2015 and technically the spring.

Expected Cost and Features

The entry-level Apple Watch is expected to sell at a slightly higher cost compared to other smart watches on the market, at about £220, though the pricing for more expensive models is yet to be disclosed. The gadget features a square face with a touchscreen display and sapphire screen. It comes in two different display sizes, approximately 1.5 and 1.65 inches, with a variety of casings and straps.

The Apple Watch was designed for health and fitness tracking purposes, as well as other typical smart watch functions. It uses an in-built heart rate sensor, accelerometer, GPS, and Wi-Fi from the iPhone to provide users with a comprehensive picture of their daily health and fitness activity.


There is a digital crown on the side for scrolling through a list or zooming in and out on maps, as well as crown that is pushed to go to the home screen. The Apple Watch also has apps that are grouped into “neighbourhoods”, so a user has to tap on the screen to zoom into a neighbourhood, and then spin the dial to go through the group of apps.

Siri Confirmed

The Watch also supports Apple’s digital personal assistant – Siri – and users have the option to dictate to the watch to reply to messages. To enjoy all these features, the Apple Watch needs have a good battery life, though this information is yet to be disclosed.

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