Apple iWatch 2 Release Date, Price, Rumors, News

Apple iWatch 2 Release Date, Price, Rumors, News

Ask an Apple Watch user what they think they thought when buying it. He or she will likely answer they thought the Watch 1.0 was bringing tomorrow’s world to today, at least that is what UX designer, Daniel Thomas, thought. One year later, he says the thrill from the cool things the Apple wearable could do, quickly wore off “because there was no real benefit.” Apple hadn’t truly pinned what they are so good at; making the hardware and software work so seamlessly together. So, what does Cupertino have in store for you, and Daniel, so you don’t have to regret updating to the new Apple Watch 2 (nicknamed the iWatch 2) in a year’s, or less, time.

We got talking with the right people, and the following is what you can expect in September’s iWatch update—the apparent iWatch 2 release date.

Apple Watch 2 price when reviewed: $399


1. Apple Watch 2 or Apple Watch 1S? – Which is Which?

apple watch 2 release date, iwatch 2Some sections of iWatch users believe there will only be an Apple Watch S – just like in the iPhone case – with an all-new Watch version coming out in 2017.

According to the rumor, there is no way all the cash spent by buyers on the Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch Edition, and so on, going to go down the rabbit hole after a wholesomely new iWatch comes out later this year. Apple’s Chief, Tim Cook, hasn’t pulled the veils off this bit of info yet, and we can only wait. In the meantime, referring to the next iWatch as Watch 2.0 should suffice, probably.

2. Apple Watch 2.0 Release Date

The expectation is for a Q3, September 2016 release date—likely on the same Apple keynote event that will supposedly usher in the iPhone 7.

But, according to a report by United Daily News of China, the Watch 2 will launch in late Q2, approximately in June 2016. Also, Barry Lam, chairperson of Quanta, the company working with Apple to launch the next Apple Watch, has been quoted as saying v2 is “expected late next year in the second quarter,” which translates to around the timing of the WWDC in June 2016.

Whichever the exact date, there’s a constant in every claim: the Apple Watch 2 is making a second coming in 2016! Moreover, news that the Apple Watch is dropping in price to $299, further justifies the second coming.

However, looking back, the original watch was announced in September 2014 but only became available for purchase on 24th April 2015. Could Apple iWatch 2 only get a mention in September 2016 with a release date slated for June 2017?

Here’s more Apple Watch 2.0 news making rounds.

3. Apple Watch 2 Design and Build – What’s Different

Apple Watch 2 Price, iwatch 2Even in its current state, Apple’s Watch can win accolades in any sensible wearables beauty pageant. There’s enough substantial reason to believe that the new Apple Watch will still sport a square-ish face—no round face, no drastic changes to the Apple Watch face, and no looking like an LG Watch Urbane LTE or a Moto 360 2 smartwatch and the rest of the round-faced Android ilk. Clearly, Apple wants to stand out from its Android rivals, and a round profile may not offer that—only the Sports version might keep the circular aesthetics. Still, the rumor mill has it that the Apple Watch casing might receive a make-over.

First, it is believed that the next Watch will be 20% to 40% thinner than the current version. Second, instead of coming out in only the bold and beautiful stainless steel variant, the Watch 2.0 might be coming in more and different build materials, as many as four of them:

  • platinum,
  • palladium,
  • titanium,
  • and tungsten.

You can as well expect the new build versions to cost at least $1000, which is not unlike the Premium Apple we know.

Some claims are rather outrageous, though. Like the one about Apple sporting the new Apple Watch with a flexible battery — one that pockets into one of the straps.

Then there is the one about the Watch 2 featuring a more complex haptic notification system — fitted right into the swappable 42 mm strap. That would work to remind users that they are moving out of range of their iPhone, or help make the Watch 2 a better smart fitness and sleep tracker that would finally provide non-intrusive glucose monitoring capabilities.

Although such a notification system would be pure genius, sources close to Apple Watch labs (and board) point to the Cupertino giant thinking more about how to make the existing hardware/software setup work.

4. The Apple Watch 2 Waterproof?

Apple describes the initial iWatch installment as water resistant, protected for “a short duration of water immersion” to be exact. That has meant protection under water that’s only less than 1 meter deep – basically nothing.

To further suit it for a range of sporting and outdoor activities, it is possible that Cupertino could improve the iWatch 2’s waterproofing ability. That could be enhanced up to an IP67 licensed level of waterproofing — the kind you know and love (but never tried) with the Samsung Galaxy S5 — so Watch 2 users can comfortably hit the pool, beach, or boat without worrying sick about killing the lights out of their techy (and costly) timepiece.

5. Apple Watch 2 Display

Apple Watch 2 RumorsIt is also not clear if Tim Cook will announce an Apple Watch with a larger, brighter and more touch-friendly display come iWatch two release date.

A significant number of Apple Watch users have complained before that the current screen real estate has some mileage to cover if it is to really help users achieve an immersive experience. While it will not compete with that Retina display on the iPhone 6 Plus anytime soon, the next Watch is rumored to host an always-on display which could support 3D touch to replace the current Force Touch setup.

That way, you’d no longer need to tilt, move or tap the Watch to check the time. It has been a bit irritating to some, already. No news was forthcoming as to whether users can expect the new Apple iWatch 2 to feature an ambient light sensor. The sensor would allow users to, for example, read text on the relatively small display of the Apple Watch (as is) in broad daylight or other bright spaces. That, by helping adjust screen brightness in sync with surrounding light.

You can also expect Apple to continue using sapphire glass to protect the Apple Watch screen and Ion-X glass on the Sports variant. The new Apple Watch is tipped to feature a P-OLED display, which should offer better resolution without being much of a power drain on its own.

6. The New Apple Watch Connectivity Options

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity are making the cut before the second coming. We have learned that while you can stream your favorite tunes while relaxing on a couch, or pacing up on track for fitness sake, the Wi-Fi capabilities are not good for browsing the web over Wi-Fi.

Instead, like in the first offering of the Watch series (it is a series now), you will still be able to connect and control your IoT devices from the wrist provided you have yourself an Apple Watch. So you can light the lights using the Philips Hue app, rump up room temperature by tapping on the Nest Thermostat app, and so on.

While Apple is reportedly keen on supporting native internet connectivity here, that time is clearly in the future, and cellular activity is still not supported.

7. No GPS

Still on connectivity, the Apple iWatch 2 will still require you to carry your iPhone around to record, say, that fitness run on some new route. Perhaps it is the fact that native GPS support would impact other areas of development pretty much.Given the Apple Watch only lasts up to a day with its current set up of specs and features, an inclusion of native GPS would mean packing a much larger Apple Watch battery just to run up until evening. And that would interfere with the form factor, probably needing some alteration, something Apple is not particularly excited about doing for its products.

The software side of it would also need top-notch updates. Even with its current attachment to the iPhone, the GPS tracking feature in the Apple Watch does have a tendency to miscalculate distances and directions every so often. In fact, the one thing users can expect in Watch v2.0, is Apple to streamline the Watch/iPhone GPS tracking issues before the Watch can handle things on its own.

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8. Apple Watch 2 Software

And talking of updates. WatchOS 2 could make Apple iWatch 2 a “standalone” smartwatch.

The latest Watch OS update gave Apple Watch users everywhere some hope regarding easing the most pressing annoyance of the original Watch. The Apple Watch has been a mere extension of the iPhone since it has relied on a tethered iPhone to run everything from messaging to calling to location tracking to issuing weather updates.

WatchOS 2 allows the next Watch to support Apple Pay, for example, without the need for a paired iPhone. The latest update to Apple’s wearables OS, which we’ve covered in detail in another post, could also help to not only support a couple more and more useful apps in the Apple ecosystem but should also contribute to streamline performance and actually boost operation speeds.
Some lags experienced while using the original Watch and proprietary WatchOS, made some Apple critics to believe that Cupertino had tried to make the Watch do much than it needed to—not to mention cost absurdly expensive for a bunch of “useless” specs.

9. Siri

One of the most important features that has actually worked in the original Watch is Siri, the iOS smart voice assistant. While still clunky, but workable, Siri is poised to get an update that, though little has reached our desk yet, should be more than just voice-deep.

According to a Wristly poll, a company that works with Apple, Siri is one of the Cupertino giant’s main point of focus in the next Apple Watch.

10. Strap light

What else might be present is a wristband light—a notification indicator of sorts to make users aware of incoming alerts. We can only wait.

11. Apple’s iWatch 2 Battery and Battery Life

Apple Watch 2 healthThe current Apple Watch setup holds a 205mAh/246mAh battery. Again, due to the impact that a rump up in power could do to form factor, something Apple is near fanatical about not messing, the battery capacity and, ultimately, battery life could remain unchanged.

Also, Apple supposedly conducted a poll, and the results showed most users still had about 30%-40% battery capacity when they returned home in the evening, which may discourage Apple from pumping more juice in the power plant around the back.In fact, for users to witness any significant changes in charging cycles, the new Apple Watch would need WatchOS optimizations, a less demanding processor, and GPU.

Switching to a less powerful rendering GPU may not be an option since it would lower screen sharpness while everyone is asking for higher resolution.

The last WatchOS update focused more on supporting a broader range of native apps, not help boost uptimes. Power efficiency fixes could be on the horizon, although that may not be as soon as the next Apple Watch release date.

However, Apple could replace the current Apple 1 chip (28 nm architecture) with a Samsung Foundry 14FF process-made (14 nm design) chip to make a less power-hungry Apple 2 chip.

What Apple decides to do, is entirely under lock and key for now.

12. Apple Watch 2.0 Price—How much is the Apple Watch

According to some other reports, the Apple iWatch 2 will come in a range of prices.

The Apple iWatch 2 price will vary and spread out the absurdly huge price margin between the 42 mm Watch and the much more premium Watch Edition. This is entirely in line with the recent Apple declaration that it wants to appeal to a broader audience, with the price being a major point of attraction. Price is indeed a remarkably sensitive pain-point for most buyers and Apple might have realized so, finally.

The standard, 42 mm Apple iWatch 2 prices are rumored to stand in between $640 and $793. However, the differing build materials, as mentioned earlier, may push the price higher up for anyone looking for that extra punch.


The Apple Watch came, saw but, apparently, is still trying to conquer—at least that is what Cupertino reports, saying they are looking to ensure the Apple Watch 2 appeals to a broader market. That can only mean one thing: come that Apple Watch 2 release date, it will be more than the first in more ways than one—the above Apple Watch 2 rumors, news, and pre-review might just be the “It.”

Do you own an Apple Watch? Are you planning to upgrade to the Watch 2 when it’s released? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments below!

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    I plan on buying the Apple Watch 2 when it is released to the public. It will be my first smart watch and I can’t wait. My primary focus for the device is fitness tracking and notifications. I can care less for making phone calls from my wrist.

  2. Kenneth Woodall

    I purchased the Apple Watch 6 or 7 months ago, I probably would upgrade if I could get
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