Apple Working on iPhone-powered VR Headsets with third-party manufacturers

Although Apple may not have plans to launch its own VR headsets similar to what HTC, Oculus, or Sony propose, according to appleinsider they are working on unique iPhone-powered VR headsets which are going to see the light of day within the next two years.

Why iPhone-powered VR headsets instead of standalone headsets?

With the exception of the Apple Watch, where Apple jumped headfirst into the expanding wearables market, the company has preferred to play it safe with many of its other product launch decisions.

Gene Munster, Investment firm Piper Jaffray’s analyst, has believed for years that Apple would make an HDTV of its own. And now, Apple is looking to include both virtual and augmented reality features in its plans, but not on its own.

As with Apple’s current investment in CarPlay, where it is working on its own vehicular technology known as “Project Titan”, the giant tech company is working on iPhone-powered VR headsets with the help of a strategic partnership. According to Munster, Apple is not particularly interested in introducing its own $100 iPhone-driven headset to the market, though it will make it easy for third-party manufacturers to do so.

As with the Apple Watch, Apple is probably thinking of VR as an iPhone companion – something to complement it and possibly drive more sales, rather than a standalone product competing with three other companies. But even without official Apple support, these manufacturers are still expected to release iPhone-ready headsets this fall.

According to a late January report, Apple supposedly has a dedicated team working on “next-gen” headset technologies, though it’s too early to say with certainty the implications of Apple’s transition to VR/MR.

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