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Apple iPad Pro Finally Hits The UK Market

Meet The Apple iPad Pro – The Newest Addition to the Apple Family

The Apple iPad Pro, which also comes with a smart keyboard and an exclusive stylus, the Apple Pencil, starts at £679 on Apple online stores in the UK, slightly more costly than its predecessors, the iPad Air and Mini.

While shipping of the Pro to the UK was done in an Apple-typical swift fashion (two days after launch event), shipping of the keyboard and the Pencil, which are purchased as separate items, is yet to take place, and the UK market might have to wait for another two weeks at least.

The tablet is available in three storage configurations – 32GB, 128GB (both Wi-Fi models) and the 128GB with cellular connectivity. The 32GB version goes at £679, the 128GB Wi-Fi model at £799 and the 128GB Wi-Fi + Cellular at £899.

These are the recommended prices, including VAT, of course, and are subject to change by sellers. It is thus recommendable that you consider the closest prices to these when you go out looking for an iPad Pro.

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