Apple Granted Patent for Augmented Reality Projector

Apple has been a busy player in the AR/VR space lately, and now the giant technology company has been granted patent for its new projector that uses augmented reality technology.

The ‘adaptive’ projector has been described on Patently Apple as a tool that can scan spaces and project images onto surfaces.

It has a camera, for that purpose, mounted onto a PC, which scans a room and tells of the things in it, builds a digital model of the space and detects the surfaces onto which images can be projected. The projector itself plays the second part – just what augmented reality does: change what the user sees.

On the patent documents, a person seems to be looking at a book with blank pages where text is projected. It detects where the person’s hand is and its distance from the book, and correspondently adjusts what is being projected.

Apple has been working on the project for at least two years now, as Patently Apple puts it, but now that it’s a success and there’s a prototype to showcase that, we’re not guaranteed of the real consumer product.

The thing is, Apple files for numerous patents in a year just to protect its ideas. So, while this projector may seem like a step towards the acme of augmented reality, do no hold your breath. You may never ever see it.

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