Apple Acquires Swiss Company Faceshift

Apple has purchased Swiss-based animation company Faceshift to add to its bursting VR arsenal, according to unofficial reports.

The multi-billion dollar company is known to have acquired a few companies in the VR/AR line, such as PrimeSense and Metaio, earlier in the year, and now with the purchase of Faceshift – whose animation tech involves real actor movements – Apple’s VR/AR market takeover looks imminent and inevitable.

About Virtual Reality being the next big thing, we were spot on, because this is not the only great move we’ve seen a company of Apple’s calibre take this month. Less than a week ago, Samsung released its highly-rated $99 Gear VR Goggles, in what seems like bad news to the likes of Google Cardboard, whose hype stems directly from its affordability and simplicity. Amber also unveiled its iPhone case-cum-VR headset a fortnight ago… and the list is endless.

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Rumours about this acquisition started making rounds as early as January this year and though we cannot declare Faceshift Apple’s property yet, reliable sources claim the deal is already closed.

TechCrunch reached Apple for confirmation of the report, and a company rep had this to say, “Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans.”

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