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Are you a long-time user of and an Apple addict? We have some good news for you: your favourite tech news site is now on Apple News!

To see our new channel, open this link on iOS:

You can finally get to read our news, as well as other articles and keep yourself up to date with new gadgets and technologies straight from your iPhone without necessarily having to log onto your browser. How? The new Apple News App is now available for UK and Australian iPhone users.

We should have done this earlier, but… well, we couldn’t. Here’s the thing. Apple News App was not available for iOS 9, which launched in September 16, outside of the USA. iPhone owners in Australia and the UK thus had to wait till iOS 9.1 could be launched and made ready for download at the end of October to enjoy the services of this new app.

How is “Apple News” any Better Than Your Current News App?

It depends. If you would like news articles from the Guardian, Telegraph and, of course, on one platform, in a scroll-like format, then the Apple News App is your thing. You wouldn’t like it any other way, anyway!

Apple’s idea is to make magazines and newspapers relevant in an era of tablets and smartphones in exclusive fashion – presenting news as a dynamic feed, a customised magazine of sorts, with stories from different sources. It’s the exact opposite of its predecessor, the Newsstamp app, which presented virtual periodicals.

How do I keep up with news on with my Apple News App?

First and foremost you have to upgrade your iPhone’s operating system to Apple’s latest, iOS 9.1 to enjoy this app. Just go to Settings> General> Software Update and update your iPhone in less than two minutes, then you can get started.

To display to you your favourite line of news, or even sites, the Apple News App has to get a sense of what you like when you first launch it.

So, you like gizmo technology news? You can select that from a list of topics and publications, and the app will create a personalised feed for you. The procedure is much similar to when you set up Apple Music. The feed is called “For You” and it presents you news from your line of choice in one page on a simple-to-scan grid of headlines and images.

If is on your feed, it will be updating itself every time you open the app. Once you select a story, it opens it for you to read. We’re currently working on bringing our stories on Apple News Format, which will give you top-notch animations and layouts, along Flickr-like photo mosaics and inline photo galleries.

If you find something that’s really interesting like, “Where’s the Bragi Dash? An Update”, that you would like to read but have no time for, at least for now, you can bookmark it for later.

The Apple News App constantly analyses what you read with the aim of including in your newsfeed stories you’re most interested in. It’s worthwhile to note, though, that the app was designed with privacy in mind, meaning, your personal data or whatever you read is not revealed to third parties.

You’ve waited so long for this, now you can add to your list of favourite tech sites!

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