Amazon’s Alexa lets you control your Nest Thermostat using Voice Commands

Following the partnership between Amazon and Nest, you can now use Amazon’s Alexa to issue voice commands to control your Nest from Amazon Echo, Amazon Tap, Echo Dot, and Fire TV.

Just Speak to Amazon’s Alexa to Control your Nest Thermostat

One of the key features of the Internet of Things is interoperability, and Amazon’s Alexa allows you to establish a vocal relationship with your Nest. You can even use your Alexa app to set up the connection.

Here are some commands you can use to set up and control your Nest:

  • “Alexa, discover my devices” – For Alexa to discover your Nest Thermostat
  • “Alexa, set my room temperature to 68 degrees” – So you don’t have to get up and adjust the heat. If the command is not specific, Alexa will adjust the temperature setting by 2 degrees.

If you have more than one thermostat using the same location name, you can label them in the Nest app, like Hallway (upstairs) and Hallway (downstairs) to differentiate them, and then specify the target thermostat in your commands. For instance,

  • Alexa, set the room temperature to 65 degrees – For one thermostat
  • Alexa, change the “thermostat name” to 65 degrees – For more than one thermostat, or
  • Alexa, turn my “thermostat name” temperature to 65 degrees

Your commands can also include the terms “lower”, “cool down”, “raise”, and “increase”, among others.

You can enable the “Skills” feature in your Alexa app, which works with Amazon’s experimental “Alexa Skills” program, so your smart assistant can keep learning and become smarter.

When you have enabled Skills, you can use a command like “Alexa, tell the thermostat that I’m cold.”

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