Aido: Next Gen Interactive Family Robot

Aido is a smart, social, and distinctively mobile social family robot that will play with your kids, protect your home, help with household chores, and even handle your schedule.

Who is AIDO the Family Robot?

Aido is certainly not the first robot butler you’ve seen. But compared to something like Jibo, which is the same size as a puppy, has no face, and is immobile, Aido is as big as your kid, and can roll around on a ball using auto-balance to avoid a faceplant.

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Aido can recognise familiar faces and objects, feel touch, respond to voice commands, and can even be connected to your smart home devices over Wi-Fi or paired with the companion smart plugs to give you the perfect home environment. Aido also comes with a number of sensors to help secure your home when under patrol mode; and an interactive projector and speakers so you can enjoy your favourite games and movies or stream a helpful video to help you fix something.

The kit also comes with an Android or iOS app so you can program thins like patrol paths for your robot to complete while you are away. If you prefer, you can remove Aido’s head and use it as a tablet.

The smart butler won’t be available for sale until October 2016, at which point you can purchase it for over $1,000. However, you can save 60 percent by joining the currently overfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

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