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Appcessories are wonderful little accessories for your apps – it’s that simple, and also that exciting!

To be more precise, appcessories are hardware devices that interact with an app on your smartphone or tablet to provide new functionalities that would have otherwise not been possible. Wearable tech, such as smart watches or smart glasses, have quietly gained fans in the past few years, thanks to the likes of Apple, Samsung, Sony and Google. We live in an exciting time of ever-growing technological innovation – it’s time to appcessorise!


The window of opportunity is endless here, and ranges from smart home products that enable you to control your lighting, heating, sound system and even your kettle, to wearable fitness trackers that monitor your activities and analyse information on the amount of calories burnt and distance you’ve run. On Appcessories.co.uk you’ll find a wide range of gadgets in these categories and more, with reviews, news, and exciting competitions.

We are also fully committed to quality, check out our editorial promise.

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