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A Recap of Yesterday’s Apple Special Event September 2015

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If it’s September, it’s Apple season! Yesterday’s enormous Apple special event in San Francisco, California took place in the 7000-capacity Bill Graham Civic Auditorium (you can watch the video recap here).

It ran over two hours, had lots of speakers expounding on the greatness of Apple’s engineering and design teams, and concluded with a live performance by One Republic (also known as Tim Cook’s favourite band).

steve jobs nobody wants a stylus


Amid all the excitement, Apple made some important announcements about updates to several of their hardware lines. Here are some of the highlights:

  • New iPhones! The 6S and 6S Plus will be available for pre-order starting September 12 in a handful of countries, including the UK, the US, Germany, and France. Customers can get their hands on them on September 25.
  • New iPad! Apple announced the iPad Pro, along with a new external Smart Keyboard and an Apple Pencil (also known as the stylus that blights the memory of Steve Jobs).
  • New Apple TV! This long-awaited update to Apple’s app-driven entertainment system features voice control (with your old pal Siri), touch control, and capabilities for movies, tv shows, music, and games. It will be available for purchase in October.

There were also a handful of software announcements at the event, including these gems:

  • iOS 9, which will be available for download starting September 16.
  • watchOS 2, also available on September 16.
  • tvOS, the software behind Apple TV.

As with any major announcement from Apple, fans and industry analysts alike had lots to say about these developments. You don’t have to wade through all the Apple fan and diss waves, though. We’ve got a synopsis of some of the chatter for you.

1. The commentary about the Apple event from CNET

As iPhone 6S launches, a new Apple TV and iPad Pro steal the show

cnet commentary on apple's event september 2015

via CNET

While staff writers Roger Cheng and Shara Tibken are thoroughly impressed with the new iPhones and the bevy of new features (like 3D Touch), it’s Apple’s other new products that they’re most enamoured with.

The new Apple TV, with its app-driven interface and its triple focus on watching, listening, and playing, plus the inclusion of Siri, makes it a strong competitor to Roku, Fire TV, and Chromecast. Additionally, the new iPad Pro, along with the new keyboard and stylus, has the potential to really “shake things up in the tablet arena.”

Yes, the new iPhones are great, but this event was clearly about more than smartphones.

2. The commentary about the Apple event from Mashable:

Apple goes big – Everything you need to know about the iPhone 6S, iPad Pro, Apple TV and more

mashable commentary on apple's event september 2015

via Mashable

If you’re after a thorough rundown of yesterday’s entire Apple event in a single, long-scrolling page, Mashable has you covered.

Their “everything you need to know” roundup gives you costs (in USD), dates, dimensions, notable new features and improvements, and more for the new iPhones, iPad Pro, and Apple TV. Plus, the article takes note of the new Apple Watch features, like the new watchOS, new apps, new bands, and new models.

While Mashable refrains from editorialising too much (we’re guessing that will come up in the next day or so), this is a great point by point summary for anyone who missed the keynote or just didn’t feel like sitting through all the “insanely great” commentary.

3. The commentary about the Apple event from TechCrunch

Everything You Need To Know From Today’s Massive Apple Event

Techcrunch commentary on apple's event september 2015

via Techcrunch

Lucas Matney seems genuinely pleased and perhaps a little overwhelmed at the “ton of new hardware” announced at yesterday’s event.

He comes off as maybe a bit too flabbergasted to eloquently express how much he likes the new features, calling the new 12 megapixel camera on the iPhone 6S “dope” and praises the Apple Pencil’s “crazy amount of precision,” but ultimately, Matney is nothing but positive. Well, except when discussing the 16GB starting storage size of the iPhone, which is just too small, especially when compared to the 32GB size of most low-end Android smartphones.

What’s most helpful about this review is the links to more in-depth write-ups of each specific device and feature; you can get all the general information here, and then click over to something more specific if you want to.

The Apple September 2015 Event – One More Thing

If the past releases of earlier versions of these products has taught us anything, it’s that we’re about to see some long lines at Apple retail outlets and suffer through some even longer download times for the new iOS. An Apple upgrade is not only big news — it’s big money.

There are a few other things to think about, like the curious coincidence that 6S sounds an awful lot like “success,” and whether or not the iPad Pro can boost Apple’s slowing tablet sales. And there are details about today’s Apple event that we didn’t even discuss here, like the new live photos feature that essentially turns any photo into a three-second GIF without eating up too much disk space, new 4k video capabilities, and the speedy new A9 processor.

For now, though, the biggest thing you need to know is that the future looks as bright as it ever has for Apple and its lineup of shiny, smart devices.

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