5 Tips To Improve Your Smartphone Photography For #WorldPhotographyDay

Today is World Photography Day so we’ve put together ways to make your smartphone photography better.

1. OlloClip

c877f11dfa8104617e21ded982214ec8OllopClip are one of the companies which have successfully managed to improve on the iPhone’s camera. The OlloClip 4-in-1 Lens is an amazing and affordable smartphone lens system, which includes a wide angle lens, fish eye lens and 2 macro lenses. It’s compact size, makes it convenient to carry around instead of transporting 2 separate lenses. Ideal for many types of photographers from, landscape to macro.

2. Rule of thirds

This is probably the most well known photography technique and one which everyone interested in taking photographs either as a hobby or professionally, should note. If you don’t already know, the basic principle indicates that, you break an image down both horizontally and vertically into thirds so that you have a grid of 9 squares. This ‘rule of thirds’ now shows 4 important sections of your image where the points of interest should be. Read more about ‘rule of thirds here.

3. Instagram

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 16.42.47

We all know and love Instagram and it is pretty much an essential for both amateur and professional photographers. It allows us to share those photos we are proud of and use appropriate hashtags to get those photos in front of the right people.

4. Get the right apps

Apart from Instagram, there are other apps you can use to improve on your smartphone photography skills.

  • Snapseed – one of the more advanced photo-editing apps, Snapped is ideal for making minor adjustments to photos or getting more creative.
  • Camera Plus – unlike any other camera apps you can capture stunning macro photos.
  • Vsco – ‘is essentially a more artistic and curated version of Instagram’
  • Blackie app – for those black and white photo lovers.

blackie app

Blackie app

5. Moment lens


Described as the only smartphone accessory which “captures photos and videos that need less editing”. Unlike other iPhone lenses which sit on top of your phone, the Moment Lens attaches to your iPhone’s lens using a plate. Made from a thin layer of metal, the lens will adhere to the back of your phone and allows you to screw on different lenses like you would a DSLR.

There are tons of accessories and apps that aim to improve upon ‘iphoneography’ and I think we have covered some of the most obvious in honour of #WorldPhotographyDay. Happy snapping!


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