5 Stages of Owning a Fitness Tracker Told Through Movie Titles

5 Stages of Owning a Fitness Tracker Told Through Movie Titles

Ever wish your life was just like the movies?

The fitness tracker craze is upon us and although I wouldn’t say it has reached its peak, I think it definitely has its place in the wearable technology market. With that being said, having owned a fitness tracker myself, I understand the stages you go through before, during and after the interest strikes. To make things a bit more exciting, I thought I would try and describe the emotions through movie titles, which proved to be a bit more amusing.

Number 1: Limitless

limitless bradley cooper

When the notion of owning a fitness tracker arrives, you are full of enthusiasm and intentions to get fit, be more healthy and generally become a bit of a gym bunny. You feel the possibilities are endless as you try justify the money you are about to spend on a potentially novelty item. However this is more often than not, unrealistic. I myself got all excited about the idea of owning a Fitbit and being able to count my calories and the distance I had traveled. However, it would take a lot for me, who barely goes to the gym and definitely never runs, to actually get off my butt and start doing those things to justify having such a pricey item. If you are already into the gym and being general active, then maybe Fitbit is the one for you, but if you are more like me, an off and on gym-goer, then maybe you would be better getting your hands on Xiaomi Mi band which is much cheaper in comparison, but still offers the same features.

Number 2: Great Expectations

great expectations

This stage is when you have set your steps goal for the day, usually between 10-12k your fitness band will recommend, and you are thinking, ‘this is totally doable, I will definitely do that many steps in a day’. Unfortunately, this is sooooo not the case, for me anyway. I remember getting to the end of my day, without having done much exercise, and to look at my tracker and find that I had only done 8.5k steps! I was appalled! I found myself reluctant to go to bed as I knew I wouldn’t get any more steps in for the day to reach my goal. I went to bed a failure. This is no way to live.

Number 3: Forest Gump

run forest run

We all know the famous line, “Run Forest, run!” Well this was me the day after not reaching my step goal. I got up in the morning and decided to walk to the train station instead of driving. Before owning a fitness tracker, I would have never thought to walk to the station, so I think it’s fair to say that it did make me more active.

Number 4: A Walk to Remember

a walk to remember

Then there’s the moment you realise you’ve forgot to bring your fitness tracker with you on the run. It honestly feels like its the worst thing that could ever happen to you in that moment in time. Will this workout even count, now that I’ve forgot my fitness tracker? Probably not.

Number 5: 10 Things I Hate About You

10 things i hate about you

Now you are slowly but surely getting to the ‘excuses’ stage. ‘Do I really care if I don’t meet my step goal today?’ You’re sick of your Fitbit controlling your life and you hate how it dictates to you when you need to move. There is so many things that irritate you now and the novelty has well and truly worn off. If it gets to 9:30 in the evening and you are binge watching Netflix, do you really want to be reminded of the fact that you’re fat AF. No, you don’t. Bye bye fitness tracker.

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