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5 Smart Home Technology Gadgets That Will Leave You Spellbound

The use of progressive actuators has been a success in producing smart home technology gadgets. They are powered by DC progressive power supply. Linear actuators have also been equally fitted in some gadgets to produce the same effect. Linear actuators use 12v or 24v power.

They work by producing motion in a straight line. Examples of these actuators include mini actuators, track linear actuators, high speed actuators and mini tube actuators among others.

Several gadgets have been manufactured by employing the technology of progressive and linear actuators. Some of these gadgets are discussed below.

1. Nest Thermostat

nest-learning-thermostatA nest thermostat is one of these smart gadgets. This digital device controls the temperature and energy of the house. It is connected to the Smartphone which acts as its remote. From the Smartphone, the desired temperatures can be set.

2. Smart Bulbs

philips-hue-starter-kitTo control the lighting in the house, smart light bulbs will be your best bet. Smart bulbs’ colors and light intensity can be controlled via an app on your smartphone.

3. Smart Locks

August Smart LockSmart locks have been widely applied in smart homes. Key locks are becoming old-fashion and therefore, smart homes are adapting digital locking and unlocking of doors using an app on a mobile phone.

4. Smart Security

nest-cam-security-cameraSecuring of homes has been made easier with advanced technology. Smart sensors can detect motion, carbon monoxide, water and freezing levels and a signal can be sent directly to your smartphone.

5. Digital Backsplash Photo Canvas

A digital backsplash photo canvas is yet another digital gadget with a screen that can respond to someone’s touch. You can either flip through your photo albums or display a live video from a surveilance camera in your home.

Final words

Which smart technology devices do you use at your home? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Eva Brown

    Thanks for sharing this great informative article on some of the most essential device to improve our home environment as well as security of our home. I have already started to use smart bulbs in my home. It has great brightness feature. Most important feature is that it saves lots of energy. Unfortunately, I didn’t hear about Nest thermometer before reading this blog and after reading about it, I am really interested to use it. At the end, it was a great read for me.

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