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Zepp Golf Review - Swing, Check, Adjust, Repeat

Zepp Golf Review – Swing, Check, Adjust, Repeat

Zepp Golf is diminutive wearable golf gadget that you attach onto the back/top of your glove to better your golfing skills. It has been designed to track the components of your swing into detail, analyse them and give you a few pointers on what you should change to improve your game. The aspects it tracks include swing plane, club speed, hip positioning or rotation, backswing position and tempo.

According to Zepp, the device is engineered to suit both pro golfers and novices through experience-sensitive profiles provided on the Zepp mobile app compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

The whole idea of using the Zepp Golf sensor is to have you learn what is supposed to be done, see what you are doing and then change how you are doing it if necessary.

The Zepp helps you see what you are doing, essentially in a way that you may not in real time while doing the swings. Golf, as you may already know, is one of the more complicated sports, requiring the golfer to pay attention to the smallest of details because that’s what adds up to make a great golfer.

Why You Need a Zepp Golf Sensor

Zepp Golf reviewI had a chat with a pro golfer friend of mine about the Zepp Golf, and if his thoughts are anything to go by, then sure the sensor is worth the investment.

Before the Golf Zepp, he tells me, he had to visit a professional to have his swings checked and analysed (for a fee, mark you). So when he heard about the sensor he was prompted to obtain one just out of the sheer curiosity of how the heck a device worn on the glove can help one improve their golf skills.

He had no idea it was going to render his professional assistant – who would video him play his swings and compare the clip with tour players – irrelevant then henceforth. He tells me he doesn’t see any significant difference between what those professionals tell you and what the Zepp Golf does.

It saved him the money, the lectures and the trips. Now, I wanted to know more.

Zepp Golf Design and Features

First of all, I have to admit I didn’t expect the Zepp Golf to be as small as it was after all that hype. The thing barely measures 28mm square and 11mm thick. It most definitely won’t add weight to the back of your hand and affect your swings. The gloves will, if anything. It weighs little over 11 grams, and that is after you add the weight of the little mount that comes with it.

For good measure, I mounted it onto my glove to see if I can feel any weight change and, well, seriously how could you expect me to? You wouldn’t even feel you have it on unless you look at it. In case you are worried about losing it, I was too. I tried squeezing my wrist in every direction with my glove on and the sensor attached but I couldn’t make it come loose.

The Zepp is only available in one colour: green. It has a square cross section, as pointed out earlier, and has a button at one bottom corner used for syncing with the Zepp Golf app on your mobile phone. If your phone is within range, you will only need to press on the button for about three seconds and you will be ready to go within five.

I personally didn’t find any snags with the set up process, and the syncing seemed to be faster and easier than I thought.

For Golf Onlyd

Unlike ordinary fitness trackers, the Zepp Golf is not packed with secondary tracking features; it is focused on recording your swing data and analysing it using its two main technical components the gyroscope and the accelerometer.

It has an internal memory big enough to store data for up to 20,000 swings and 90,000 data points.

If you are accustomed to long practice sessions, battery life may prove the only major problem as three straight hours of synchrony drained our fully charged gizmo to zero.

How to Use the Zepp Golf Sensor

Manufacturers these days don’t seem to care about how you want to go about the instructions (printed or digital). Zepp doesn’t either. You have to log onto their website to find instructions because there is no printed manual that comes with it. The page is quite friendly, systematic and compendious but most people (I included) would still prefer a physical manual which you can refer to in real time without reaching for your phone.

The first step after you have purchased your Zepp Golf, according to the manual, is to download the Zepp from either Google Play or App Store. Syncing, like I said, is pretty simple, and will take you a few seconds to complete. Ensure Bluetooth on your phone is activated before trying to sync. There is an icon at the top corner of your app that lets you know when your sensor is synced with the app.

I tried this part with my golfer friend. He wore his glove, clipped the Zepp sensor to it with the power button in the lower corner of the mount (so that he can be able to turn it on/off with his left hand).

Bring a Friend

Before you begin, the app will want you to tell it how you hold the club so that it can track your swing with greater accuracy. The feature seems pretty awesome until you think about how you would operate it if you were alone – operating your phone while at the same time adjusting your grip. It seems you’re going to need an assistant after all.

After syncing, the app provides you with an extensive list of clubs and asks you to choose the one you are using. That is the final step before you can now take your first swing. The sensor will record each of your swings until you decide to desynchronize it.

Also, if you brought someone with you to the driving range, the video component of the app may come in handy. The feature lets you take a video of your swings, which you can compare side by side details of each swing. Again, this proves that it is worthwhile to not be alone at the driving range.

However, If you can erect a tripod somewhere and set your phone or tablet to take a video, then good for you. The camera has a timer that takes footage in increments of five seconds meaning if you find a way to capture yourself, you won’t need to press record. Just make sure you don’t place your phone out of range or compromise synchrony in any way.

Zepp Golf Data Analysis

As you take each swing, the data is directly uploaded to the app on your device. The app uses a set of algorithms to scrutinise each swing and assign it a score so that you can compare one swing with another or an average of recent swings with one that came before it. Sensor and video data are presented in the same manner.

One problem you may tumble upon is understanding what the numerical data on your device really mean. The whole exercise will be absolutely meaningless if you don’t understand what you are recording. At least you don’t have to log onto the website again to comprehend this mystery. Inside the app are short video tutorials explaining to you what each metric (hand plane, club plane, club speed etc.) means and how it is measured.

Improve your Swing

There is also information on how you can adjust each one of them to better your swing. According to my friend, the club plane tutorial was the most important and would be appreciated by any novice using the app for the first time. Hip rotation is another feature that he found helpful but we didn’t dwell on because he was apparently perfect on it. The app has a video tutorial for this as well.

Once you get conversant with the metrics, using the sensor and the app become easy and, more importantly, fun. You will be craving to see how much you’ve improved from your previous score (my friend showed that at least).

The best way to make the most out of this sensor is to work with it in real time. Instead of checking your data after a session, you can do it after a few swings so that you are in the position to try and improve your skills in the same session instead rather than wait for the next session to correct the previous’ errors.Zepp-Golf-App-Screens-2

Is the Zepp Golf Sensor Helpful?

In a nutshell, I would say, “yes”.

Albeit there are no ways to verify the metrics, we ascertained that the sensor uses the same criteria as the professionals to improve the element of your swing. The good thing is that it lets you compare your videos with those of the best and your favourite pro golfers. Definitely what they are doing is right if they are the best and that is what you are looking to emulate.

To some, a side by side comparison of your videos with those of pro golfers can be quite heartbreaking, as you may notice some incredibly striking dissimilarities but if you’re serious, that will be another sign that you’re still a neophyte and should step up your game.

If you’re lucky to be the crème de la crème among your peers, the app lets you share your swing statistics including day-by-day progress with your friends using social media and email to remind them one more time who is king.

Pro Features

For pro golfers, the Zepp Golf sensor offers more than just swing data analysis and display. There are different features in the app that are pretty technical that we never got use. If you take more time interacting with the Zepp Golf app Training Center you will realise that the sensor will sure remain a useful tool even as you grow into a more skillful golfer.

A feature known as Lab Reports lets you view you performance by date as well as track your progress in the long run to see whether you have made any significant improvement. Tracking itself has a feature known as My Swing Goals through which you can view pre-established swing criteria defined for different skill levels.

The ideal backswing angle for a novice, for instance, is set at a default 270 degrees, so you can compare your own swings with it. Once you think you have perfected the amateur standard, you can move on to the next step and try to meet the target there.

My friend tells me he is left astonished every time he uses the Lab Reports feature to view his progress over time. For him, apparently it works, and better yet, it motivates him to try and improve more. In all honesty, he is far from being the next Tiger Woods, but the number of friends he has leapfrogged in the charts since obtaining the Zepp Golf is prove that the gizmo works.


The Zepp Golf is available for around £115 on amazon, around £27 more than its closest rival the Game Golf which goes at £152. This is fairly a bargain if you compare it with other ordinary fitness trackers, but quite overpriced in terms of comprehensiveness. Literally, the Zepp remains useless until you get in the golf course or driving range. If you can use it maximally, however, the gizmo is more than value for your money.


You may not agree with me that the Zepp Golf sensor works exactly like the hype suggests but you can’t deny that it does improve your knowledge in theory and skills on the golf course. All I know is that with the sensor, a positive mindset and willingness to learn, there is a lot to gain from the sensor.

I would like to hear about your experience with or just your thoughts about the Zepp Golf from the review in the comment section. Ask questions, if any, and let us know what we may have left out in the review.

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