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Xoo Belt- Charging from the hip - appcessories.co.uk
Xoo feature

Xoo Belt

We’ve All Been There

Having a smart phone is a great convenience — until you’re on the go and you get the notification that there’s hardly any battery power left.

Now what?

Phones always seem to need charging at inconvenient times. There are portable chargers on the market, and maybe you have one. The problem is that a portable charger is just one more thing to remember to take with you. Either way, your predicament is undesirable: you’ve got a bag of small, easy to lose gear, or you’ve got a phone with a dead battery.

The good news is that there is a product in development to make charging on the go much easier. Nifty, the British company that developed the popular MiniDrive, is preparing its next groundbreaking product: the Xoo Belt. This, the company promises, is a wearable you’ll actually want to wear.


Xoo Belt – Charge From The Hip

Like portable phone chargers, the Xoo Belt can take your phone’s battery from dead to full bars in a little over two hours. But unlike other chargers, the Xoo Belt is an actual functioning belt that looks like a belt and not a piece of equipment.

The USB charger is tucked inside and held in place with a magnet. When you need to charge something, cable down flicks down and connects your device, which can then be slipped it in your pocket. The charge held by the Xoo’s Lithium Ceramic Polymer flexible battery will do the rest.

Because a belt is something most people wear every day anyway, the Xoo Belt isn’t another gadget to take with you. And, despite its charging capabilities, the Xoo Belt does not weigh any more than a typical belt, nor does it look unusual. Plus, it’s easy to charge, easy to use, and competitively priced.

Generating Buzz

Nifty’s Indiegogo campaign easily surpassed its goal, and the Xoo Belt will begin testing soon. The company recently announced a partnership with the Casely Hayford fashion house to make a more stylish leather product. As long as everything goes according to plan, Nifty expects to ship the first run of Xoo Belts to initial backers in 2016.

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