Writer Application

We are seeking a qualified, fast working, research driven, and conversational writer/blogger who can develop content about technology.

Do you read tech blogs daily? Do you follow trends with new technologies? Can you predict what the new iWatch will cost based on the competitive landscape in wearables? Do you know at least 5 reasons why Google Glass won’t work? Or 15 reasons it will? Do you know why it’s better to develop and market an e-commerce app on iOS over Android? 

Do you also write a blog? Do you understand the difference between a news hack article versus an authoritative article? Do you know how to create a well researched article with citations? 

We are NOT looking for tech news; we’d like an applicant to create original content related to technology topics that would appeal to our audience of power users, internet enthusiasts, social media addicts, developers, and geeks. 

Applicants “must have strong English language skills” and be able to explain a difficult concept in simple words and sentences. Having a personal interest in technology and earlier experience in writing in the technology niche is a definite plus. 

We are seeking a writer to develop original content in specific niches/categories with output of several articles/blog entries (5-10) per week (including images and/or infographs) (with research performed). All images can be sourced from available stock photo subscriptions we have. 

If you feel, that you meet all criterias and want to apply, here is how

• Provide us your fields of focus/expertise 
• Provide us your weekly availability 
• Send us a link to your blog(s) 
• Send us a link to your social media profiles 
• Send us a link to your portfolio (if applicable) 
• Provide us links to your favorite blogs and/or news websites 
• Include a summary introducing yourself, your background, and resume (if available) 


• write one article with a topic of your choice for our blog with the above criteria in mind

Please contact us on or email us: