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45 Best "Works With Nest" Devices - Smart Home on Steroids
works with nest devices

45 Best “Works With Nest” Devices – Smart Home on Steroids

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Works With Nest – Smart Devices, Smart Homes

Nest is one of the bigger names in the up and coming home automation market. Owned by Google since January of 2014, the company has three products under its brand: the Nest Learning Thermostat, the Nest Protect, and the Nest Cam. However, with its recently announced Developer Program and API, Nest is positioned to move from a maker of smart products to a full-on facilitator of smart homes. The list of compatible products and partner companies under the Works with Nest initiative’s umbrella is growing rapidly. As it turns out, there are a lot of actions and behaviours that are related to the temperature, comfort, and safety of your home.

Here are 45 of the best Works with Nest devices that can help turn your house into a smart home.

1. Jawbone UP

Jawbone up2

If you’ve ever gone to bed and forgotten to turn down the heat, or woken up to a cold house, you’ll appreciate the Jawbone-Nest collaboration. Like Santa Claus, most Jawbone UP devices know when you’re sleeping and when you’re awake. When synced with your Nest Learning Thermostat, your heat will automatically lower when you turn in and click up when you wake up.

Jawbone’s fitness trackers are already immensely popular, and consumer curiosity about Nest’s devices is starting to convert to more sales. This Works with Nest partnership earns a high spot on our list because it will likely be the first smarthome connection a lot of Nest users make — and it’s a good one. | View on Amazon

2. Withings Aura

Withings AuraMuch like Nest’s syncing with Jawbone, the Withings Aura and Nest compatibility alerts the Learning Thermostat when you’ve fallen asleep so it can lower the heat and save both energy and month. The difference is that you don’t wear the Withings Aura. In fact, it’s completely contactless; the device consists of a bed sensor and a bedside unit, so there’s nothing to wear, put on, or start up.

While the Aura is specifically for sleep tracking and therefore has a smaller audience, this sort of smarthome automation is immensely useful. And, unlike thermostats that work on a programmed basis, Nest can raise and lower the heat based on your actual actions, not your advance instructions. | View on Amazon

3. LIFX Bulbs

LIFX Bulbs works with nest

This Works with Nest collaboration is aimed at making your smarthome a safe home. First of all, LIFX light bulbs are a Kickstarter success story; the company’s 2013 campaign brought in over $1.3 million USD. They’re low energy, long lasting (up to 25 years) smart bulbs that sync with a smartphone app. Once paired, they can be fully controlled with the app to turn them on and off, dim them, put them on a timer, change their colour, and more.

With Nest, LIFX bulbs can turn on and off at random intervals when the thermostat is set on Away mode so it looks like someone’s home. Synced with Nest Protect, LIFX bulbs can flash red if smoke or carbon monoxide is detected — an enormous safety improvement, especially for individuals with hearing impairments.

The bulbs themselves are not cheap at around £65 each, especially when compared to the price of standard or even high efficiency bulbs, but the safety they afford when paired with Nest is unmatched. | View on Amazon

4. Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock

Kwikset Kevo Smart LockCombining comfort and security, the Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock is a Works with Nest partner that makes perfect sense. If your door lock and your thermostat can talk to each other, the temperature of your home can be automatically lowered when you leave and automatically raised when you enter. That’s exactly what happens here.

So, when you come home after a long day and use your phone to unlock your Kevo, you’ll get a notification from Nest asking if you’d like to raise the thermostat. What’s more, the system can detect individual users and remember all of their personal temperature preferences.

You never actually have to go to the thermostat, or even open the Nest app; you simply reply to the prompt on your phone, and within a few minutes, you’re comfortable. | View on Amazon

5. Chamberlain Garage Doors

Chamberlain works with nest

Similar to the Kevo partnership, Chamberlain Garage Doors and the proprietary MyQ app can sync with Nest. You’ll need to do some initial set-up, but once everything’s in place, your Nest Thermostat can be set to Away mode when you close the garage door to leave and to Home mode when you open it back up on your arrival back home. | View on Amazon

6. Whirlpool Washers and Dryers

Whirlpool Washers and DryersThis Works with Nest collaboration may seem less obvious at first. Why would a washer and dryer need to sync with a thermostat? (Or smoke detector or security camera, for that matter?) It may not make sense, but ask yourself if you’ve ever been out of the house when your clothes finished drying and the dryer cut off, and you’ll start to see the reasoning.

When your Whirlpool appliances sync with Nest, they save energy. For example, if your washing machine knows that you’re burning a lot of energy heating your home, it can delay an energy-heavy wash cycle until your furnace shuts off. Or, if you’re out of the house, your dryer can switch to a more efficient drying cycle that also keeps your clothes from getting wrinkled.

The syncing of these devices makes for a small convenience, but when you add up all of those small conveniences that Nest affords, you come out with a super convenient smarthome.

7. Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz works with nest

Sure, not everyone can afford a luxury automobile like a Mercedes-Benz. However, if you can, and if you have a Nest Learning Thermostat at home (which costs peanuts compared to the car), the two will work together. This is definitely one of the more high end Works with Nest partnerships, but it’s a useful one.

Instead of boosting the heat upon your arrival, the Mercedes you’re driving can let your Nest thermostat know when you’re on your way. When you get home, the house is already warm and comfortable for you. Sure, the same thing could be done manually with the Nest app, but this way, it’s all automated.

That’s the point of a smarthome, right? | | View Nest on Amazon

8. Automatic Car Adapter

If you don’t have a Benz but still want that Works with Nest convenience, no worries: the Automatic Car Adapter has got you covered.

This little device plugs into your car’s diagnostics port (your car has one) and performs the same function that’s built into Mercedes vehicles, plus syncs with a whole host of other smarthome and smart life devices.

View Nest on Amazon

9. Rachio Iro

Rachio Iro works with nestThis smart wifi sprinkler system Works with Nest to ensure the safety of not only your home, but of your neighbours’ homes as well. It syncs with the Nest Protect to keep fire from spreading and jumping to nearby structures.

Here’s how this collaboration works: if your Protect senses smoke, and the alarm isn’t silenced, your Rachio sprinklers are instructed to turn on and wet down the area outside your home. This will hopefully keep the fire somewhat contained. | View on Amazon

10. Big Ass Fans

big ass fans works with nestYes, the company is really called Big Ass Fans (they must be big Letterman and Assman admirers). When you’re done rolling your eyes at the name, take a minute to appreciate how their Works with Nest partnership can help users save even more on their energy bills.

These fans are engineered to move air around in a way that maximises how you heat and cool your home. And of course, they sync directly with the Nest thermostat so that warm air is draftlessly pushed down in the winter and cool air is better circulated in the summer. | View smart ceiling fans Amazon

11. Pebble Watch

Even though the Apple Watch has received the lion’s share of attention as far as smart watches are concerned, the Pebble has been quietly being awesome in the background. Now, it even works with Nest. With the Leaf app, Pebble owners are able to control their Nest Thermostat from the wrist, plus check on the status of their Nest Protect, all without having to dig out their smartphone.

Read this: Pebble Time vs. Apple Watch

This Nest partnership affords Pebble wearers the ultimate in convenience. Instead of reaching for a smartphone to make sure they turned down the temperature at home, it can all be controlled from the wearable that’s already on you. Especially given Pebble’s long battery life (when compared with the majority of smartphones), this new functionality is going to make a lot of Pebble users happy. | View on Amazon

12. Misfit Tracker

misfit flash best fitness tracker works with nestThe list of fitness trackers that work with Nest (in the UK) is sure to grow in the coming months, and Misfit is the latest one that has this convenient compatibility. It seems like a no-brainer: you’ve already got a device on your wrist that knows when you’re sleeping and when you’re awake (much like an app-driven Santa Claus). Why not have it communicate with your thermostat to keep your home at the right temperature for both night and day? If you’ve got a Misfit Shine or a Misfit Flash, now you can do just that.

The tracker and the thermostat both need to sync up through your smartphone, so there are a few steps you’ll need to take before it all works smoothly. However, once you’ve got everything dialed in and working properly, you’ve got a Nest partnership that just makes a lot of sense. | View on Amazon

13. SkyBell Smart Doorbell

skybell smart doorbell works with nestSkyBell is a smart, wifi-enabled doorbell. It’s got a built-in camera so you can check your smartphone to see who’s at your door, and there’s even a push to talk feature so you can find out why a stranger has shown up on your doorstep. Nest compatibility comes into play to provide even more security for your home.

It’s simple: when everything’s all synced, SkyBell and Nest Cam work together so you can always see what’s happening inside and outside your home. If your SkyBell is rung, Nest Cam can start streaming to see if someone answers the door. Similarly, if your Nest Cam is in Away mode and detects activity, your SkyBell will automatically turn on so you can see if anything’s happening at your front door. If you’ve got concerns about the security of your home, the SkyBell-Nest partnership is a great one-two punch. | View on Amazon

14. Zuli Smart Plugs

zuli smart plugs works with nestZuli Smart Plugs rely on BlueTooth LE to detect your presence (based on the smartphone in your pocket) and power on or off whatever you’ve got plugged into them. It’s a great concept: set your preferences once, say for a lamp to turn on when you enter a room, and enjoy automated convenience every time after that. It’s also Nest compatible, so your temperature preferences can also be automated depending on where you are in your home…or if you’re home at all.

Once synced, Zuli can tell Nest that you’re home, so the temperature goes up, or that you’ve left, so the temperature goes down. It can all be configured through the Zuli app, giving you the utmost convenience and putting you one step closer to total home automation. |

15. Mimo Smart Baby Nursery

mimo smart baby nursery, works with nestParents of newborns will do just about anything to ensure that their little one gets a good night’s sleep — for their child’s sake as well as their own. Mimo, then, is a godsend. It’s a little device (a turtle, if you want to get technical) that snaps onto a compatible onesie to measure baby’s respiration and sleep data and transmit audio from the nursery. Now, thanks to a partnership with Nest, Mimo is even better and keeping newborns snug and comfortable.

Mimo can tell your Nest Thermostat if your little one is too warm or too cold, and then the temperature in the nursery is adjusted automatically. Similarly, Mimo can work with Nest Cam to show you what’s going on in the crib if any movement or changes are detected within; there’s no need for an additional baby monitor. This is one Nest compatible device that can help everyone sleep a little more soundly. |

16. The Nest Protect Smoke Detector

nest-protect-1, works with nest

Part of the Nest family, the Nest Protect is a smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) alarm. There are no battery low noises or alarms to go off while you are cooking. It uses light to let you know that everything is working fine. When it senses a bit of smoke, a yellow light glows to alert you of the impending danger. In the case of an emergency say, CO smoke, it sounds the alarm and directs you to the exact place of the emergency. When the alarm goes off, the Nest thermostat will turn off your gas furnace automatically while the problem is being dealt with.

When you wake up in the middle of the night, Nest Protect sparks off a glow that shows you the way. | [easyazon_link identifier="B00ZC5F9W2" locale="UK" tag="appcessorie0b-21"]View on Amazon

17. Logitech Harmony Ultimate

As the name suggests, this device has everything to do with balancing temperatures in your home. Logitech Harmony Ultimate allows you to customise the temperatures of your home from the comfort of your couch. Not only that, but with it, you can also control home entertainment devices from closed cabinets and behind walls. Bluetooth game consoles and IR devices can be accessed via this technology too. Pairing the device with your Nest Thermostat places all controls on your remote. Just by picking up the remote when you get home, you can get Nest to turn Auto-Away mode off. | View on Amazon

18. Yonomi App

Yonomi This is arguably the newest way to get all your devices connected. The Yonomi app can vary house temperatures the way you want it to. It can also turn the lights on and play your favourite music at the click of a button. By creating routines the app learns your usual pattern of doing things and does them for you automatically, be it making coffee or turning off your office light. With it you can have all your appliances go on and off from a remote location. The app is compatible with 50 commonly used devices and wearables. And the best thing – it’s FREE!

19. Scout Alarm

Scout AlarmA combination of stylish hardware – this is essentially what Scout Alarm is all about. This “Works with Nest” home security system is suitable for both renters and homeowners. It self-installs and self-monitors while integrating with other smart home appliances. The customisation is not only about the in-app experience as you can do the same with the hardware until you find what you think suits you. The best thing about this piece is probably that you don’t have to deal with any monthly fees-the hardware comes cheap too. It is a security solution that is simpler to operate than a smartphone game would be. | [easyazon_link identifier="B00HC1CP6C" locale="US" tag="appcessories-20"]View on Amazon


IFTTTIFTTT is a brilliant and innovative way to build your own connections using “Works with Nest” devices. The connections are called recipes and can be created with over 100 other Nest compatible devices and services. IFTTT stands for “if this then that” which is the way in which the connections are made.

A common example of how this works is if the Nest fire alarm goes off. The app texts your neighbour to let them know about it. IFTTT can also start up your heating while you are away so that upon getting home, you find the house already warmed up.

21. TrackR

What makes TrackR so great is that it’s a tiny device about the size and thickness of a coin that can attach to anything so you can keep track of it. If you’re within BlueTooth range of your phone, you can ping your TrackR tag and find your misplaced item. Lose something a bit farther away, and TrackR uses crowd GPS to let you know where it is.

You can also set up separation alerts so you don’t leave your home without, say, your keys, or your laptop, or whatever. Plus, it’s a two-way tracking device: if you can’t find your phone, press the button your TrackR tag, and your phone will ring. The best part of all? Each TrackR tag is about £20.

As mentioned, those separation alerts are helpful, but if you have a larger house, you might get separation alerts for devices that you actually haven’t left behind. With Nest, TrackR can sync with your learning thermostat to disable these separation alerts when you’re home. | View on Amazon

22. Febreze Home

febreeze home works with nestIf you’re addicted to having a fresh-smelling home but get tired of burning candles and spraying air fresheners, you’re in luck: Febreze Home, along with the Febreze Connect app, puts your home’s scent management on autopilot. Just plug it in, use the app to set preferences like scent intensity and lights,

Febreze Home is designed to work seamlessly with Nest, too. With the learning thermostat, the scent of Febreze Home can be better distributed by turning on your HVAC system’s fan. It will also limit how much scent is released when your thermostat is set to Away. Finally, if you’ve also got a Nest Protect, the Febreze Home will glow in specific colours if alarms are tripped.

23. Waxman leakSMART

You’ve got a smoke detector in your home, and you’ve got a carbon monoxide detector, but what about a leak detector? While water in your home isn’t as deadly as smoke or CO, it can do an incredible amount of damage if it’s not kept in check. With a Waxman leakSMART system, you can be notified when a leak is first detected, even if you’re not home, so you can shut off the water supply and get your plumbing fixed pronto.

But what if you’re out of town when something springs a leak? That’s where the Works With Nest partnership comes in: when your learning thermostat is set to Away for a prolonged period of time, your leakSMART app will also notify an emergency contact as to what’s going on. It can also shut off the water in your home entirely when it detects something is wrong. Finally, the app will also show you your Nest temperature and the humidity of your home, which can help you see a problem before it turns into a disaster. | View on Amazon

24. AT&T Digital Life

You may know AT&T as a provider of telephone and television services, but their Digital Life app puts them into home automation and security services as well. The app itself is customisable, so you can set your preferences and sync devices to suit your needs; everything from home security systems to remote door locks to lighting control can be added.

With Nest, the AT&T Digital Life app allows you to set up thermostat-specific rules so that all of your devices work together in your smart home. You can also get your thermostat’s information and controls on the app, including temperature and Home/Away settings.

25. Belkin WeMo

WeMo smart plugs and switches are all about convenience. Essentially, they take your light switches off the wall and put them on your phone. In bed and don’t feel like getting up to turn off the living room light? Use the app. On vacation and want to turn some lights on so it looks like you’re home? The app. Out late and don’t want to come home to a dark house? You get the idea.

The Belkin-Nest partnership isn’t one of groundbreaking connectivity, but again, this is a product that’s all about convenience. Your learning thermostat’s temperature and controls will be displayed in your WeMo app, making it easier to change settings without changing apps. You can also set certain switches to turn on or off with your Nest’s Home and Away settings. | View on Amazon

26. Caséta Wireless by Lutron

Lighting in a home can really set the mood. Open up the shades for a fresh and bright look, or dim the lights to create a more romantic ambiance — it’s up to you. And, with Caséta Wireless by Lutron, it’s easier than ever, as all of the controls for your lights and window shades can be right on your phone.

What’s more, when you sync your Caséta system with Nest, your home automation is made even simpler. With the learning thermostat, you can control the temperature and set Home and Away modes right in the Lutron app. And if you’ve got a Nest Protect, the Lutron app will turn on your home’s lights and open up the shades if an emergency is detected. | View on Amazon

27. simplehuman sensor mirror

simplehuman sensor mirror“See yourself in the best light” is the tag line of the capitalisation-averse simplehuman sensor mirror, and that about sums up what it does.

The lights on the mirror can replicate any lighting condition, from dim restaurant lighting to yellowish office lighting to full, bright sunlight, so you can see what your face looks like in any of those places, right from the comfort of your own home. It’s a luxury, to be sure, but it’s a nice one.

One of the lighting conditions that the simplehuman sensor mirror can replicate is that of your Nest Cam. So, if you’re putting on makeup in the bathroom but will soon be entertaining in the living room, you’ll know what you’re going to look like by syncing the mirror with Nest. | View on Amazon

28. Yale Linus

The Yale Linus isn’t just a lock — it’s a smart lock, and a highly versatile one at that. You can lock and unlock your door using your phone as your key, or, if you want to allow a guest to let him- or herself in, you can enable, assign, and disable passcodes at will, thanks to the lock’s numeric keypad. With a smart lock like the Yale Linus, metal keys are truly a thing of the past.

With Nest, the Linus acquires even more functionality. For example, when your learning thermostat is set to Away, the Linus can be programmed to lock automatically. Additionally, if your Nest Protect detects carbon monoxide in your home, a caution symbol will illuminate on the lock. | View on Amazon

29. August Home

Between the August Smart Lock and the August Doorbell Cam, you’ve got a complete front door security system. You’ll be able to grant access to your home from anywhere, and you’ll be able to see who’s trying to enter as well. Plus, the Doorbell Cam allows you to record and watch videos of anyone ringing your door, entering, or exiting.

For more video of others in your home, the Nest Cam can pick up where the Doorbell Cam leaves off, thanks to the Works With Nest partnership. The lock can also set Home and Away modes on the learning thermostat, and you can see your home’s temperature right in the August app.

Related: Smart Home Security Products – The Best Smart Door Locks | View on Amazon

30. Hunter Douglas PowerView Motorised Shades

Window treatments are more than just a decorative element. They can help you control the light, temperature, and privacy of your home, keeping you comfortable and safe, as well as setting any mood you desire. With Hunter Douglas’s PowerView Motorised Shades, your preferences for all of these things can be controlled remotely, programmed for “scenes,” and even automated. Oh, and they look pretty nice too.

When synced with Nest, you can link your Home or Away status with your shades so they rise or fall as you’ve pre-programmed. What’s more, the PowerView shades can help you save energy and money by working with Nest’s Energy Rush Hour Rewards, an incentive program that benefits you and can actually prevent rolling blackouts in your area.

31. Google Home

It sort of looks like an air freshener, but the newly released Google Home device is actually a smart assistant and speaker, much like the Amazon Echo. It responds to your spoken “OK Google” command, much like Chrome or Google Glass (remember that?), and you can ask it questions, tell it to play music from your library, find out what your schedule looks like, and more. You can even ask it to control your Nest devices.

For now, Google Home can be used to control the Nest Learning Thermostat; just yell “OK Google,” tell Google Home how you want your home’s temperature adjusted, and your wish will be granted. It’s a nice little convenience, and it’s certainly easier than reaching for your smartphone or (heaven forbid) walking over to the thermostat and changing it by hand. | google home

32. Sleep Number Smart Beds

The SleepIQ technology inside each Sleep Number Smart Bed is put there to help you get a better night’s rest. It does this by both adjusting the bed to your preferred firmness, then tracking how well you sleep each night. In fact, even if you share a bed, SleepIQ works independently on each side so that both you and your partner are always perfectly comfortable. Whether you’re struggling with feeling rested or you’re just ready to upgrade your slumber surface, Sleep Number Smart Beds are a great choice.

Additionally, because air temperature is an important part of the good sleep equation, SleepIQ integrates with your Nest Learning Thermostat. Once synced, the SleepIQ app can show you your ideal room temperature for a night of great shut eye, then automatically set your room to that temperature at bedtime.

33. Home Connect

While Home Connect technology won’t load the dishwasher, prepare your meals, or fold the laundry, it can make cooking and cleaning a whole lot easier for you. Some home appliances from brands like Bosch and Siemens already have the Home Connect technology, and this allows the appliances to be controlled from anywhere via smartphone app; more brands may be included soon. So, no matter where you are, you can switch the oven on to cook dinner, take a look inside your refrigerator to see if you’re out of milk, and even get reminders to take your clean dishes out of the dishwasher.

When paired with Nest, Home Connect provides additional safety and efficiency. If your Nest is set to Away, for example, you’ll get notifications if any of your appliances are on or not in eco-mode. Also, if your Nest Protect detects a fire or other sort of emergency, it’s easy enough to turn off any or all of your Home Connect appliances from your smartphone. The level of convenience afforded by Home Connect is fantastic, and the Works With Nest partnership ups the ante on energy savings and home safety.

34. Amazon’s Alexa

Amazon Echo DotAmazon’s Alexa, who lives inside Amazon’s smart speakers (that’s Echo, Dot, and Tap), is quite a woman. Like Siri and Cortana, she answers questions, minds your calendar, and acts as a personal digital assistant whenever you want one. She’s always on the clock, she’s eminently polite, and she rarely lets you down.

Now, Alexa can also interact with your Nest Learning Thermostat, making it easier for you to keep your comfortable. You can just tell her what temperature you’d like your home (or a particular room, if you’re set up for zone heating), and it will be done. If you want to change modes or other thermostat settings, she can do that for you to. It’s a simple convenience, but it’s nice to not have to get up to warm up.

View on Amazon

35. Wink

Wink is a smart home hub that works with dozens of smart products to integrate their functionality, automate certain tasks, and generally make your life easier. Users can create little shortcuts, called robots in Wink’s interface, for timed automation, or they can use the Wink app to control each product individually.

Wink integrates beautifully with Nest as well. Users can control the temperature and mode of their Nest Learning Thermostat through Wink and include it in automation. Wink can also monitor the status of a Nest Protect, and users can set up a robot to perform certain functions if an emergency is detected. The Nest-Wink partnership not only provides great convenience, but it also affords a higher level of safety and security for its users. | View on Amazon

36. Enphase Energy

Enphase Home Energy SolutionIf you want to power your home with solar energy, of if you’re interested in tracking your usage of green power, then the Enphase Home Energy Solution may be right for you. It’s a growing company, with half a million installations so far worldwide, and their product is designed to harness the sun’s energy, store it properly, dispense it as needed, and keep data on how you use it. Enphase can save you money in the long run and provide valuable insight on your consumption patterns and, most importantly, how you might reduce your dependence on energy.

As far as a Works With Nest integration is concerned, owners of both Enphase and a Nest Learning Thermostat can use Enphase’s MyEnlighten app to control the temperature in their homes. What’s more, Enphase can keep tabs on how your temperature settings affect your energy usage. Will it prompt you to use less and be more energy efficient? That remains to be seen, but having all of your thermostat and energy usage in one place is a step in the right direction. | View on Amazon

37. Awair

What’s in the air in your home? Well, there’s definitely some nitrogen, hopefully some oxygen, and probably some water vapor and a few other gases. It’s those “few other gases,” though, that can cause some worry. What exactly are you breathing?

Awair can detect things like VOCs (that’s volatile organic compounds), dust mites, pollen, and other things that may be in your air, and it can also monitor the humidity in your home. It also tracks air quality preferences for things like sleep and productivity and provides recommendations to keep the air in your home at its healthiest to keep you at your best. If you’re an allergy sufferer, it’s an incredibly helpful device.

Awair can integrate with Nest Learning Thermostat to control not only temperature settings, but airflow and ventilation as well. It’s a partnership that helps to keep your air clean as well as comfortable. | View on Amazon

38. ChargePoint Home

ChargePoint Home works with nestElectric cars are great, but if you have one, you need a place to charge it. ChargePoint Home is an electric vehicle charger, but it’s a smart one: it lets you know how many miles you’ll get based on how long you charge, it sends reminders to charge your char when it’s low, and it charges at low peak hours whenever possible so you pay lower electricity costs.

ChargePoint Home works with Nest as well. You can get your ChargePoint data on your Nest monthly energy report, which allows you to see exactly what the energy for your car is costing you.

ChargePoint Home can also read the temperature and settings on the Nest Learning Thermostat.

Having an electric car can save you a bundle in the long run, and thanks to ChargePoint Home and Nest, you can see exactly how much you’re saving. | View on Amazon[/easyazon_link]

39. Petnet

The Petnet is a fantastic way for dedicated dog and cat owners to keep their four legged friends well fed. Most pet owners aren’t home during the day, but the Petnet smart pet food dispenser can help manage feeding times and portion sizes in an owner’s absence. Plus, through the Petnet app, you can order pet food to be delivered right to your door, so Fido or Fluffy will never go hungry.

The only problem is that the Petnet doesn’t have a camera on it, and that’s where the Nest Cam integration comes into play. The Petnet Works With Nest so you can see that your pet is actually eating the food it’s dished up.

What’s more, there’s a microphone and speaker on the Nest Cam, so you can talk to your pets, call them over, and interact with them no matter where you are. It’s a smart connection that will certainly benefit pet owners, but really, the real winners here are the dogs and cats who get fed on time, every time. | View on Amazon

40. XFINITY Home

The XFINITY Home smart home hub allows you to control lots of different compatible smart devices from one single app. It makes your smart home automation easier, which in turn makes your life easier. Plus, it’s expandable, so as you get more devices, you can add them to the mix.

As far as XFINITY’s Works With Nest collaboration is concerned, Nest is just another of the compatible devices. You can set home and away modes through the XFINITY Home hub, and you can also control a Nest Learning Thermostat’s temperature and settings. | View smart home hubs on Amazon

41. Smart Garden Hub

The Green IQ Smart Garden Hub is a smart irrigation system that uses real time weather information to water your garden. If you’ve ever been frustrated that your sprinklers kicked on in the rain, or if your grass didn’t get the extra water it needed during a dry spell, then the Smart Garden Hub may be a great solution for you. Plus, it can also control garden and outdoor lighting. It’s basically a smart control for the entire exterior of your home.

And of course, the Smart Garden Hub Works With Nest. Specifically, it syncs with your Nest Protect to turn on sprinklers and/or lights when smoke or carbon monoxide is detected in your home, as sprinklers can help minimise fire damage and lighting can help you safely exit your home if you need to do so. It’s a nice little safety measure, plus your garden will look lush and vibrant, and your water bill won’t be too high because of unnecessary watering. | View on Amazon

42. Securifi’s Almond

Almond is a touchscreen wifi smart home routerAlmond is a touchscreen wifi smart home router that gets the job done independent of a smartphone or tablet. You can start with the smart devices you already have and add on as you get new ones; it’s completely expandable and very easy to use.

And of course, Almond Works With Nest. Using Almond, you can adjust the temperature and settings on your Nest Learning Thermostat.

You can also view the information on your Nest Protect, including how much battery power is left and if any smoke or carbon monoxide is detected.

Finally, you can also set home and away modes on Nest through Almond. It’s a one-stop place for all of your smarthome controls, including and especially your Nest devices. | View on Amazon

43. Foobot

How’s the air quality in your home? Unless you have a Foobot, you may not really know for sure. Foobot is a smart home air quality monitor that can tell you the level of VOCs in your home’s air, identify the events that cause poor indoor air, and give you suggestions for having better air to breathe. Proper use of a Foobot can help reduce allergies, boost your productivity, and even help you sleep better.

You can even set up some home automation based on Foobot’s findings, and this includes a Works With Nest partnership. Foobot syncs with Nest Learning Thermostat to both adjust the temperature and turn on your house fan to improve ventilation when poor air quality is detected. Better air can lead to a better life, and Foobot is a great first step toward that better life. | View on Amazon

44. Crestron

Creston Electronics is all about giving users control, whether it’s over their security, their devices, or their environment. Creston’s consumer products include touchscreens, wall panels, and also smartphone apps, giving users the ability to interact with smart home devices no matter where they are.

Creston’s Works With Nest partnership integrates the Nest Learning Thermostat so that owners can adjust temperature settings. In fact, Creston can work with up to 20 of these thermostats in a single home, so if you’ve got multiple Nests for zones, it’s no trouble. Creston also syncs with the Nest app, allowing home and away modes to be set as well.

45. GetSafe Home Security

If you’re looking for a smart home security system that won’t bog you down with a lengthy contract, then GetSafe may be the solution for you. The starter kit comes with a hub, motion and entry detectors, and a siren. They’re all controlled via smartphone app, and monitoring starts at $19 (or £15) per month.

For GetSafe’s Works With Nest partnership, you can use the Nest Learning Thermostat with the GetSafe app to adjust the temperature and also set home and away modes. In fact, GetSafe is really pushing this integration: when you buy both the GetSafe Home Security Starter Kit and a Nest Learning Thermostat from GetSafe, you’ll save $125 (roughly £100) on your purchase. It’s a smart synergy that can keep you comfortable as well as safe. | View smart security on Amazon

Our Favourite Nest Compatible Devices and Products UK

nest_developer_program_graphic works with nestThe increasing number of Works with Nest products in the UK allows for an unprecedented amount of home automation and convenience. We love the partnership with fitness wearables like Jawbone and Misfit. The increased home security functionality, thanks to products like Kwikset Kevo, LifX Bulbs, and SkyBell is also perfect for peace of mind. And for a comfortable night’s sleep, the Nest compatibility with Withings and Mimo makes life so much more cosy.

As for the best products that work with Nest, well, that’s up to you. Perhaps you like the car-specific devices that let your Nest know when you’re on your way, or the Whirlpool partnership that helps to conserve energy. Take stock of your own smart home preferences, and you’ll land upon the right Works with Nest devices for your home.

Works With Nest – Your Own Internet of Things

We’re not exactly at the point of robot servant companions or ovens that cook your dinner for you, but initiatives like Works with Nest are a big step toward full smarthome automation.

You can install devices in your home that will communicate with one another to improve your comfort, save energy, and keep you safe and secure. All you do is come and go as you please, and your personal IoT, or Internet of Things, will take care of everything else.

Works with Nest may be just getting started, but it’s got loads of potential to blow the new smarthome market wide open.

See recommended smart home devices on Amazon

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Nest Cam



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Philips Hue Starter Kit



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