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Withings Activité vs. Withings Activité Pop - What's Your Choice?

Withings Activité vs. Withings Activité Pop – Which One Will You Wear?

Elegance meets Casual

Sophisticated Looking Trackers

At first glance, both the Withings Activité and the newly released Activité Pop look like ordinary watches. They’re low profile, lightweight at just 37 grams each, and have a medium-sized face with a 33mm diameter.

They both have normal watch wristbands, and the time is shown in analog format. However, inside each device is a fitness tracker that performs in almost exactly the same way as a Fitbit, Jawbone, Misfit, or any other mid-range tracker on the market today.

So why are there two Withings Activité models?

Well, the original Activité looks like an elegant high end watch, while the Activité Pop looks more like a Swatch or other ordinary wristwatch.

They’re both nicer and more professional looking than the silicone band trackers you see on so many wrists, and they’re less ostentatious than the screen-based trackers and smartwatches.

So, both Withings offerings are commanding lots of attention.

But which activity watch is right for you? Let’s compare: Withings Activité vs. Withings Activité Pop.

1. The Big Difference? Materials

Under the hood, there isn’t any difference between the Activité and the Activité Pop. What is all comes down to are the materials out of which they’re constructed.

Withings ActivitéWithings Activité

The Activité is a beautiful and sophisticated Swiss-designed timepiece, made from scratch-proof sapphire glass, stainless steel trim, and a French calf leather wristband.

It comes in two colours:

  1. black band with a black face,
  2. or tan band with a white face.

Withings Activité Pop

Withings Activité PopThe Activité Pop, on the other hand, is made of somewhat less elegant parts. It’s got mineral glass instead of sapphire and a silicone strap instead of French calf leather. It’s definitely more casual than the Activité, and it comes in three colours:

  1. grey,
  2. blue,
  3. and off-white.

While it doesn’t look as polished as the Activité, its silicone band is actually more practical than leather if you’re especially active, since sweat and other moisture will start to break down a band made of more natural materials.

On both, however, the bands are easy enough to swap out.

2. Fitness Watch With a Watch Battery

Unlike most fitness trackers that need to be recharged on a regular basis, lest you lose a few hours’ worth of steps, the battery on both Withings watch trackers will last a full eight months. That’s because it’s a standard button-type watch battery.

When the battery dies, you can replace it yourself using the included tool to pry off the back. There’s no charging, no proprietary dongle to lose, and no lost steps on a regular basis.

3. What They Track

Withings Activité Pop Sleeping

Both the Activité and Activité Pop use a three-axis accelerometer to track all activity: walking, running, and even swimming (both are water resistant to 50 metres). They also keep tabs on your sleep, a surprisingly popular feature on most activity trackers.

What’s great about these Withings tracker watches is that they automatically and accurately pick up on what activity you’re doing. Unlike some other trackers, there’s no mode switching on your part.

4. More Features, Some Omissions

Withings Activité Pop Running SwimmingAgain, the tech specs on these tracker watches are the same. They both offer a silent alarm, and they both automatically set the correct time. Double tap the face of your Activité or Activité Pop, and it will move the clock’s arms to show you what time the alarm is set for. Finally, both have a small dial to show you how close you are to your daily step goal.

the tech specs on these tracker watches are the same

What Withings doesn’t offer on either one is a heart rate monitor or a GPS, so neither one is particularly ideal for serious runners.

There’s also not much fitness activity on the watch face, but that’s par for the course with many trackers (like Jawbones, many Fitbits, and the majority of other mid-range, non-GPS trackers on the market today).

However, you do get a really nice looking watch face, which is more than you can say for the competition.

5. Totally App-Driven

Withings Activité Wearable

The Withings Health Mate App, which is available for both iOS and Android (sorry, Windows Phone fans) is where you’ll find all of the stats and data collected by either Withings watch. They both use BlueTooth to automatically sync with your phone. Or, if you’re phone’s not in close proximity, both watches can save up to 38 hours’ worth of data and sync later.

The app shows activity and sleep breakdowns, allows you to set a daily step goal, and shows your progress. There’s also a simple but fun social component to see the activity of your Withings-using contacts and challenge them to match or beat your achievements.

You can manually enter

  • weight,
  • blood pressure,
  • and your heart rate,

and the app syncs with a few other popular fitness apps like

  • RunKeeper,
  • Runtastic,
  • MyFitnessPal,
  • and others.

From this perspective, both the Activité and Activité Pop function a lot like a Fitbit or Jawbone. They just don’t look or feel like it when they’re on your wrist.

6. What You’ll Pay

Withings Activité Pop Wearable, Withings Activité vs. Withings Activité Pop

Aside from materials, here is where you’ll find the biggest difference between these two tracker watches. The Activité retails for (are you sitting down?) £320.

Yes, that’s a lot of money for a basic tracker, albeit a beautiful one. The Activité Pop, on the other hand, is a still pricey but much more reasonable £119.95.

It seems like Withings realised that the original Activité wasn’t selling as well as it should have been, chalked that up to its exorbitant price, remade it with more affordable materials, shaved £200 off the retail price, and presented it as the Activité Pop.

It seems like a good strategy; spending over £300 is out of reach for many people who want a decent looking tracker, but spending a little over £100 is much more doable.

Withings Activité vs. Withings Activité Pop

At a Glance:

  • Both the Activité and Activité Plus are fitness trackers that look like ordinary wristwatches.
  • Under the hood, they’re the same.
  • The Withings Health Mate app shows all of your fitness information; other than progress toward your daily goal, you won’t see any tracking data on the watch face.
  • The materials used to make the Activité are much more luxurious than those used for the Activité Pop.
  • The Activité costs £200 more than the Activité Pop.

What’s Your Pick?

If you’re deciding between the Withings Activité and the Activité Pop, your dilemma basically comes down to two things:

  1. how you want it to look,
  2. and what you want to spend.

If you’re looking for a high end, well-designed watch that has the inner workings of a fitness tracker, and if you have the money to spend, the Activité is probably your best choice.

However, if you don’t have that kind of budget to work with, and you aren’t put off by the silicone band and more casual appearance of the Activité Pop, it’s also a solid pick.

Whichever one you choose, you can feel confident that all of your activity and sleep is being recorded on one of the nicest looking trackers out there.

The Breakdown

Withings Activité
Withings Activité Pop

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