Balluga smart bed

Will this ridiculously “smart” bed change the way we sleep?

With an exorbitant starting price of around £1,000 (for the single bed) it’s unlikely to catch on anytime in the near future. However, the Balluga Smart Bed does have some interesting features that could catch on if it proves popular with early adopters.

Advanced air suspension system for adjustable firmness

The Balluga smart bed’s mattress consists of hundreds of air cells, which identifies pressure points and adjusts firmness to suspend the spine and muscular-skeletal structure to the correct anatomical position for improved comfort and support. An on-board computer (which their video claims will ‘monitor and control every aspect of your sleep experience’) means that the Balluga will adapt as you move in your sleep offering no resistance to your body’s circulation; and will also let you to make manual adjustments to the firmness and other settings via app or remote control.

Built-in Climate Control & Vibro-massage

Ever get too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter? The Balluga has you covered, literally, with a climate control function that will send waves of warm or cool air over you allowing you to sleep at the most comfortable temperature. And a soothing vibro-massage will aid relaxation to send you off into peaceful slumber and provide therapeutic massage during sleep so you wake feeling refreshed.

Hygienic & recyclable

The green credentials of the Balluga mattress and the fact that the company claims that it will last for up to 20 years, could sway potential buyers when weighing up the costs over a conventional mattress. The modular design means that the mattress can be conveniently cleaned over the course of its lifetime, and unlike traditional mattresses this one is completely recyclable.
Advanced connectivity
In addition to added comfort, the Balluga bed can also act as a media centre; synchronising with media files and even video game consoles. An optional console can also be connected, which can hold an e-reader or tablet and even switch it off for you if it detects you’ve fallen asleep. The spec list also includes:

  • An integrated projector for viewing TV, Video files and even CCTV monitoring (cause if you can afford to buy one then you probably live in a house with advanced security)
  • The facility to connect via Wi-Fi with smoke detectors, and other alarms
  • Remote suspension profile setting and monitoring for medical use

A dream come true?

The Balluga Smart Interactive Bed is the result of eight years of development and design by inventor, Joe Katan, and is certainly an innovative step towards connecting our beds to the ‘Internet of Things’. And whilst the price might seem too high for some, Stuff Magazine reported that Katan is looking into the possibility of price plans for the bed, which would involve an upfront payment of £200 and a monthly contract to cover repairs, upgrades and cleaning.

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